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Šamžan - Zeribian Noble House

Šamžan was once an influential Zeribian noble house. The House was known for being the royal house governing the Old Moon (City state). They were officially wiped out of existance during the 5th century AH, after the catastrophic Eruption of Crescent and the Plague wiped out their kingdom.  




While the true story of the house became lost during the following centuries, many have later claimed to be the true descendants of the Šamžan rulers. The House Šiwke claims to descend straight from the last King of the Moons, Ustetur-Sahar Šamžan, either through his eldest son Šamžan Senet, or his younger brothers (multiple versions of the ancestry have been proposed by the House).   House Tyršan, the current rulers of the Moons, on the other hand claims to descend from Šamžan Wašul, the son of the last king's younger brother. They claim that the last king was cursed by the gods, causing the destruction of the city state, and making all his descendants invalid rulers. This would make their house the legal heritor of the old kingdom.   The disputes over the rulership of the Moons has caused centuries of fighting between the members of House Šiwke and Tyršan.

Notable members

Ustetur-Sahar Šamžan, the last King of the Old Moons.
Šamžan Senet, the eldest son of the last king.
Šamžan Betul, the daughter of the last king. She died when the king in his madness sacrificed her by throwing her into the volcano.
Šamžan Saharwiš, the last king's little brother. Died as a victim to the Plague 618AH.
Šamžan Wašul, the son of the last king's younger brother.
By marriage
Tyršan Zarnga, the mother of Šamžan Wašul. Sometimes accused of the murder of Prince Šamžan Senet.    
The family tree of King Ustetur-Sahar Šamžan


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I like the drama at which you are hinting in the list of the family members. Feels like there are interesting stories to explore there.

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Yes, that's supposed to ignite centuries old hate between the different houses descending from the Šamžan :P

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