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Morgaina is famed for being a member of the Heroes of the Free States, Red Wizards, and is the leader of the Accord. She took part in many conflicts which included, Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion, and Wars of Undeath.

Early Life

Morgaina was born on 12 February 486:Contempt, she knows little of her life prior to when she arrived at Rhamear’s Arcane Bastille.   She was able to distinguish herself During the Moons of Madness 500:Contempt when rebellion broke out in Rhamear’s Grace and the rebel leader known only as the Torchbearer led a crazed mob to Rhamear’s Bastille to eliminate the putride corruption of mages from the city. Morgaina was able to distract the mob drive them away from the apprentices and initiates, and led them on a chase through the Bastille and City killing injuring only a few dozen of the mob, before the Citywatch, Brightswords, and the retainers of House Gathral were able to put down the mob.   Promise was seen in Morgania and she was offered a choice, promotion within the Arcane Bastille or to accept an offer from Grand Imperator Nathaniel to the Red Wizards. Morgania chose the Red Wizard and was freed from imprisonment in Rhamear’s Bastille and entered into the Academy of the Higher Arts. There she was trained by some of the greatest magical teachers in all of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria, and took part in secret training for the Red Wizards that was physically and mentally gruelling.

Red Wizards

At the age of 18 in 504:Contempt Morgaina was induced into the ranks of the Red Wizards proper, and was mentored by Grand Imperator Nathaniel. She came to Nathaniel as a father figure who guided her. Morgaina excelled within the Red Wizards, her magical powers, manipulation, and political machinations all developing greatly under the training of Grand Imperator Nathaniel, her love of the Red Wizards and Thaxnorian totally unwavering. In 528:Contempt she was elevated to the position of Exarch, one of only six in the order.   In 530:Contempt Exarch Terverius Hafansmith, who had been passed up in 466:Contempt for the leadership of the Red Wizards, challenged Grand Imperator Nathaniel to a duel in which Nathaniel was killed. Morgaina was outraged and sought to expel Hafansmith from the Red Wizards, however, many of the other Exachs out voted her, and further elected Hafansmith leader of the Red Wizards.   The death of Nathaniel was an awakening to Morgaina . Her eyes were open to the brutal political machinations of Hafansmith, and other Red Wizards, the distinct lack of exceptionalism within the Red Wizards, and the failures of Thaxnoria when it comes to mages outside the Red Wizards and nonhumans. Despite resentment, she was in the Red Wizards and it was death to desert it, and even if she could escape she had nothing to escape to.

The Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion

Morgaina participated extensively in the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion. She fought with the other Red Wizards against the allied forces at the Second Battle of Hadvar’s Field, and was instrumental in saving thousands as the Curse of Havdar was reawakened. In the aftermath of Havdar’s Field Thaxnoria captured the capital cities of Velfauna, Enarsel, and Feloc. The Exarchs of the Red Wizards were stationed within the occupied Free State capitals, with Morgaina stationed within Velfauna.

Heroes of the Free States

Morgaina first met with the Heroes in the streets of Velfauna as the Heroes sought to sneak around the area. Morgaina was able to capture most of the Heroes, but killed Fornik. Fornik was returned to life by Morgaina, and imprisoned with the rest of the Heroes. The explained the threats of the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst to Morgaina, Terverius Hafansmith, and Arland Forbrook. Whilst Morgaina was concerned by these warnings Hafansmith was not, further he wiped Forbrook’s mind of the conversation. As an act of good will the Thaxnorians allowed the Heroes to go as they liked around the city of Velfauna as the Heroes agreed not to attempt to challenge Thaxnoria, a promise the Heroes made without any intention of keeping.   The Heroes continued to impress upon Morgaina the dire nature of the threats bearing down upon all of Runetalras, and convinced her to allow them to leave to uncover evidence that would be used to prove their claims. With evidence the Heroes were able to convince Morgaina to defect from Thaxnorian and Red Wizards to join with the Heroes in their efforts to defeat the Avatar of Orcus and Crystal Catalyst.   The Heroes were then able to break the occupation of the capitals, just as Runetalras learned of the great imminent threats that were about to be unleashed during the Wars of Undead which effectively brought an abrupt end to the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion.

The Wars of Undeath - The Avatar of Orcus

The Heroes claim to have first learnt of the threat of the Avatar of Orcus from the deity Talos, although this is likely a case of exaggeration. Regardless, the first confrontation took place beneath Velfauna in front of the discovered Silver Gates. The Avatar of Orcus then struck at both Aranthaig and Kelmar at the same time. Allied forces halted a horde of undead and demons at Aranthaig, in no small part due to the intervention of the Heroes. Kemlar suffered a worse fate, the Avatar of Orcus led the attack itself obliterating the defenders and taking the city for its own. In the aftermath Aran’Nack joined with the allied forces to fight in the Wars of Undeath, whilst the Craglands in the Kingdom of Thaxnoria was imperilled and threatened by the forces of the Avatar of Ocrus.   The Heroes joined the battle within the Craglands saving all those they could as the forces of the Avatar of Orcus rampaged. The allied forces eventually drew up battlelines and engaged an endless horde of undeath, whilst the Heroes, with other key allies and friends, assaulted Kelmar and put an end to Avatar of Orcus. In the aftermath some of the undead seemed to regain their minds and were sent into the Underdark.   Ideas of peace were abruptly ended when the capital of Crystal Catalyst, Garthedd, was transported back to the Prime Material Plane.

The Wars of Undeath - The Crystal Catalyst

The reemergence of the Crystal Catalyst was not a surprise, although the destruction it enacted was. The Heroes entered into a conflict with the Red Wizards and their leader Grand Imperator Tervenus Hafansmith, over a Crystalline Catalyst. In the process the Heroes exposed Hafansmith’s betrayal of Thaxnoria and his pact with Terraxia, a ruler of Crystal Catalyst.   The Heroes were able to kill Hafansmith and bring down the Red Wizards, however, the Crystalline Catalyst ended up in the possession of Terraxia. With all the Crystalline Catalyst in her possession Terraxia led a coup to become first of the Triarchy, sole leader of Crystal Catalyst, and transported the city of Garthedd to the Prime Material Plane. Terraxia declared the Crystal Catalyst had returned and would once more dominate Runetalras.   As Garthedd and Crystal Catalyst reemerged it unleashed a horrific weapon that obliterated the city of Hathban and extinguished hundreds of thousands of lives in one instance.The Heroes uncovered and kept secret a method of bringing down the floating city of Garthedd to neutralise its weapon. The Heroes began their assault on Gathedd one day before the armies met, they wreaked havoc, and eventually brought the city to the surface of Runetalras by the time armies reached Garthedd. The Second Siege of Gathedd was short but exceptionally bloody, when the dust settled the Heroes had destroyed Terraxia and ensured the defeat of the Crystal Catalyst.

After the Heroes of the Free States

With the threats of the Avatar of Orcus and the Crystal Catalyst at an end the Heroes then went their separate ways. Morgaina received a pardon for her actions against Thaxnoria and returned to her home Kingdom. She believed that the Arcane League, the successor organisation to the Red Wizards, could not exist unopposed as it could be subject to much of the corruption that plagued the Red Wizards. Morgaina created the Accord, a rival organisation which aims to create a more ethical organisation that works for both Runetalras and its members.
Date of Birth
12 February
Year of Birth
486 67 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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