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Magintern (Maj-in-turn)

The Magintern, officially the First International of Free Magic Users, is an often illegal association of free mages and those sympathetic to their cause, who seek to overthrow those who persecute mages often violently.  


The Magintern was first established as a reaction to the signing of the Toc’vastil Accords and The Grand Cleansing that followed. In the Runetalras that the Toc’vastil Accords the use of arcane magic was prohibited outside of the Arcane Bastilles, as was the existence of those able to cast arcane magics. Whilst most supported the forced imprisonment of mages, there were a few who opposed both the Accords and The Grand Cleansing; some of the latter who survived came to form the Magintern to oppose what they saw, and continue to see, as unjust, abusive, and discriminatory system.


The Magintern have three board purpose:   End the Toc’vastil Accords: The Magintern at is core believes for Runetalras to move forward the Toc’vastil Accords must be brought to an end, and the Brightswordsand Arcane Bastille dismantled. They are an oppressive system where mages are striped of their freedom, autonomy, choices, and safety, where they are abused physically, mentally, and sexually, the system is akin to slavery and cannot be justfied by any good individual.   Subvert and Free: The Magintern and its agents work to weaken the Bastille system and free mages from its oppression. They work to achieve this through a variety of methods. Attacking Brightswordsand Smouldering Swords outside of the Bastilles - be they on recruiting missions or attempting to capture or kill free mages, stealing resources from Bastillles and disrupting their supply lines, assassination attempts on key members of the Bastille system, attempting to free mages from Bastilles through magical and mundane means, and rarely even openly attacking Bastilles to free mages on mass and take key resources.   Just as the Magintern work to oppose the Bastille System, they seek to disrupt kingdoms with oppressive laws that discriminate against mages.   Support Free Mages: The Magintern create networks of free mages and those who support them; they do this for two reasons; to create a supportive community in the shadows, and to allow free mage to exchange vital information, gain key materials, and even sell, buy, or commission magical items through this network.   Defend the interests of Magic: The Magintern are dogmatically provitive of the few Kingdoms that protect the rights of mages, though the number of Kingdoms that can be said to do this are few. As such the Magintern have been known to carry out attacks behind the lines when Kingdoms they believe in are attacked.


The Magintern lacks uniformity and operates within cells to better protect the whole, which may well be a reasonable precaution as the Magintern is outlawed in many Kingdoms. It is only the leader of a cell of the Magintern who is made aware of who is involved within different cells, although it is not uncommon for a leader to provide a member with a number of key contacts in case they are needed. As a result of this cell structure different Magintern cells are remarkably different to one another; the most extreme tend towards frequent acts of terrorism, while moderate function as support and trading groups. It is rare for a general summons to be issued to all members and agents, but when the threat to magic and mage is great a general call to action is issued.

Where the Faction Operates

The Magintern has a wide purview, which primarily aligns with the signatures of the Toc’vastil Accords; those being the Free States, Kasari Dominion, Kingdom of Thaxnoria, Republic of Valantia, and Velgan Empire, although the Magintern also has a strong presences within the Yhess Kingdoms where mages suffer a different kind of abuse.
Symbol: A shard within a stylised clasp     Motto: Magic must be free
Political, Activist

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