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Eventide Manor

Lady Eventide had this manor house built when she came to Emberwood Village. She later married the local blacksmith and was soon pregnant with a son. The night she gave birth the manor caught fire. She died that night and her widowed husband couldn't bear to return to the manor, so he raised his son in a different home and left the manor to rot.

Now her son, Sebastien Crowe has returned after a long absence. He was identified as a mageborn and taken to be trained by the Amethyst Academy. He has taken up residence within the manor and works, somewhat ineptly, at repairing the house he was born in. When he's not running errands or handing out quests for the Academy, that is.


Recently there have been some very amateurish attempts at repairing the damaged structure of the old manor house.


Built by the Lady Eventide, this was her home until a fire tore through the manor. She died that night just after giving birth to her son. Whether she died in childbirth or she died from smoke inhalation afterwards, the result was the same. She died and her home burned.
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