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Skull and Sword

There is a sign on the door to the Skull and Sword that reads, "Lethal force is not allowed - Management". On the bottom of the sign is scrawled, "Queen's Orders". The tavern is dimly lit, even during the day, and smells of stale beer. An imposing bugbear stands near the door, sizing up newcomers and keeping a watchful eye on the patrons. Running the bar is the owner, Frida Longtusk. Over six feet tall and heavily muscled, the regulars know not to cause any trouble in Frida's bar. Bar fights are one thing, but start casting a spell or draw steel, and Frida is likely to rip your arm off. 

Sitting at the bar are two fixtures of the Skull and Sword, Cuff Goldburg, a halfling with a fancy mustache and manicured goatee and the financier of the bar, and "Lucky" Jim, the one armed, one legged, fence for the Queen's Men. Sometimes Bill the Cat is also here. He has his own spot at the end of the bar.

The back room is reserved. Only those with business with the Queen's Men are allowed back here. This is where Lies does most of her work advancing the interests of her organization.


Buying drinks for the locals is a good way to hear Rumors.
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Owning Organization
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Room and Board: 2g per night
  Drinks: 1s per bottle

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