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Red Lion Hotel

On a small hill overlooking the town of Emberwood Village rises a grand three story brick building. Once known as Stavros Manor, it has since been converted into a hotel for the wealthy and privileged who visit Drakkenheim. Guests are catered to by a full service staff, freshly laundered sheets, hot baths, and sumptuous meals. The owner, Kosta Stavros, used to be the reeve of Emberwood, and enjoys socializing with the well to do who use his facilities.

Purpose / Function

Originally this grand building was the manor house for the local reeve. Since the fall of Drakkenheim and the surge in people using Emberwood Village as a base for expeditions into The Haze, this building has been repurposed as a hotel and restaurant for the more discerning clientele with more cash to spend.


Most of the clientele of the Red Lion Hotel are wealthy adventurers, traders, and other business types that come and go through the area. The Ironhelm Dwarves have a whole wing for their round the clock mining operation. Chatting up the visitors here is a great way to hear Rumors.
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Characters in Location


Room and Board:
25g per night
Drinks: 100g per bottle


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