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Emberwood Village

Emberwood Village may be a husk of what it once was, most of the houses are boarded up and crumbling, but it is lively compared to the rest of the region. When the meteor hit Drakkenheim, the The Haze spread throughout the city and its immediate area. Even the land outside the Haze has felt its corrupting effects, though not as strongly. People and animals are free from corruption, but the land is blighted, and nothing living will grow. As a result, all of the surrounding towns, villages, and hamlets have been deserted as farmers and the people who depend on them for food were forced to leave and seek greener pastures elsewhere. Emberwood is the last holdout, only managing to survive because of the new Delerium trade.
It is here that adventurers must come to sell their loot and buy supplies, though at exorbitant prices. They can rent a room at the Red Lion Hotel or one of the many deserted houses from the proprietors of the Skull and Sword. It is also here they can contact the various factions and get jobs off the Quest Board in the Caravan Court.


Most of the people who still live in Emberwood Village are Human, but the adventurers and the traders attracted by them can be from any ancestry.


The village is ostensibly run by Mayor Kosta Stavros, but there's no real law here and punishment is typically handled with mob justice.

Industry & Trade

Most trade that occurs here is handled by the merchants who have set up their carts in the Caravan Court. Because anything of value has to be transported in overland at great cost, prices for goods and services are generally double what they would be anywhere else. Anyone who doesn't like it has literally nowhere else to go.

Guilds and Factions

Representatives of all of the five major factions in Drakkenheim can be found here. The agents advance their faction's interests by hiring adventurers to run errands, retrieve important items, and in general do the things they can't, or won't, do. The faction agents and their locations are listed in the table below:
Faction Agent Location
Amethyst Academy Sebastian Crowe Eventide Manor
Brazen Legion Ophelia Reed Chapel of Saint Ardenna
The Followers of the Falling Fire Nathaniel Flint Hendrix Farm
Hooded Lanterns Ansom Lang Watchtower
Queen's Men Lies Skull and Sword


Once, Emberwood Village was a humble farm town on the outskirts of the great capital city of Drakkenheim. Now it serves as a base for those brave or foolhardy enough to brave the dangers of the Haze in search of fame and fortune.

Points of interest

Most trade happens in the Caravan Court. Divine spellcasting services can be found at either the Chapel of Saint Ardenna or the Shrine of the Old Gods, and arcane spellcasting can be found at the Eventide Manor.

Rooms can be rented at the Red Lion Hotel or one of the many deserted houses from the proprietors of the Skull and Sword. The same locations are also where weary adventurers and townsfolk go for a hot meal and a cold drink. The occasional rumor can be heard here as well.


Most visitors to the village come to venture into Drakkenheim, to make their fortunes on delerium and the treasures lost to the Haze. Others come to make their fortunes off the adventurers.


The land around Emberwood Village was once picturesque. It is surrounded by farmland broken up with rolling hills and forests. Unfortunately, the corruption of the Haze has spread into the surrounding countryside, the farms no longer grow crops, and the forests are dying.

Natural Resources

Currently, the most important resource to Emberwood Village is the delerium that can be found in the nearby Haze. Without that resource, and the people who come to extract it, Emberwood would have turned into a ghost town like all the other nearby settlements.

Cost of Goods

All goods cost x2
Food cost x5
Water costs 2 sp
Rare or expensive items cost 5x and take 6d6 days to be delivered

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