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Chapel of Saint Ardenna

Right off the town square, in the heart of Emberwood Village is the Chapel of Saint Ardenna. It is a circular stone building with a copper roof and simple wooden doors. Inside is a bronze brazier that burns day and night, a physical representation of the Sacred Flame that is worshipped here. Behind the chapel is a small garden with flower beds where the ashes of the dead can be scattered.
The chapel is run by Flamekeeper Hanna and a couple of acolytes. She is dedicated to the Faith of the Sacred Flame and the people of Emberwood Village. She funds the maintenance of the chapel with her spellcasting services.

Purpose / Function

The chapel is a place where the people of Emberwood Village come to pray and participate in the rituals of their faith.


Before the meteor, most travelers would bypass this small chapel for the larger temples and cathedrals in the city. Now it sees a lot of use by those who worship the Sacred Flame who come and go through the town.
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Spellcasting Services

Any Cleric spells of 3rd level or lower plus Purge Contamination
  • 1st level: 25g
  • 2nd level: 50g
  • 3rd level: 150g
  • plus the cost of any expensive material components

Spell Scrolls

  • 1st level scroll: 75 g
  • 2nd level scroll: 150g
  • 3rd level scroll: 450g
  • plus the cost of any expensive material components
  • Scroll of Revivify: 1000g


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