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Nadia al-Udhun (a.k.a. the Cuddler)

Her eyes scan the tray of glass wands, each a masterpiece of sensual engineering. But she's not just picking a tool; she's selecting a key to unlock hidden doors of pleasure and pain, a catalyst for intimate revelations.   Her fingers dance over the glass, a ballet of anticipation and intent. Each wand whispers its own siren song of tactile promises, but only one will harmonize with tonight's unique symphony of the senses. Her tail, that sinuous appendage of onyx mystery, twitches in agreement as her hand hovers over the chosen wand. Ah, this one. A wand of dualities, tapered at one end, voluptuously bulbous at the other. A wand for a woman of contradictions.   Lifting it, she feels its weight, a perfect counterbalance to her own kinetic energy. She envisions the choreography to come: the smooth glide of glass meeting flesh, the crescendo of a client's breath quickening, the climax of boundaries shattered and taboos questioned. This wand, like Nadia herself, will be both the question and the answer tonight.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nadia's physique is a symphony of sensuous curves and lithe agility, each movement a sultry dance that leaves no doubt about her physical prowess. Her body, a temple of sinuous grace, is unmarred by any visible affliction or ailment, save for the onyx-black devil's tail that unfurls behind her like a whispered secret. The very air around her seems to throb with the palpable energy of her fitness, as if even the atmosphere can't resist being drawn to her.

Apparel & Accessories

Nadia's attire is a masterful blend of audacity and subterfuge, a sartorial embodiment of Bayt al-Sirr's complex dance with Al-Zaluma's stringent laws. She dons garments crafted from gossamer fabrics that cling to her curves like a second skin, leaving little to the imagination while still adhering to the letter of the law. The translucent material teases the contours of her voluptuous breasts and the sinuous curve of her hips, offering tantalizing glimpses of the forbidden.   Her ensemble is accentuated by strategically placed accessories that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. A delicate chain of golden beads drapes around her waist, drawing the eye to the sensual dip of her lower back and the provocative rise of her Devil's tail. The chain is prone to slipping, often "accidentally" revealing more of her skin than the law would typically allow. This artful wardrobe malfunction is a staple at Bayt al-Sirr, a nod to the establishment's unique offering of live nudity under the guise of accidental exposure.   Nadia's footwear is equally provocative. She wears ankle-high sandals with straps that crisscross up her calves, the leather so thin it seems ready to snap, offering the delicious possibility of another "unintended" revelation. The sandals elevate her posture, accentuating the arch of her back in a manner that is irresistibly inviting.   Completing her ensemble is a collection of bangles that adorn her wrists, each one a circle of Gold or Silver. As she moves, the bangles jingle softly, a siren's call that beckons patrons closer. The sound is as much a part of her allure as the visual feast she provides, adding an auditory layer to the multi-sensory experience that is Nadia, "The Cuddler."

Specialized Equipment

This clever jarya possesses a specialized collection of glass wands, each uniquely designed to titillate and arouse. While she typically engages her clientele in intellectual conversations and emotional support, there are occasions when she extends her service repertoire to meet more visceral needs. These wands, crafted with sensual curves and arousing ends, are the epitome of this specialized service.  

Design and Craftsmanship

Each wand is a masterful work of art, crafted by local artisans according to Nadia's meticulous specifications. The wands are made of high-quality glass, chosen for its hygienic properties and ease of cleaning. The ends of these wands are designed with a variety of shapes—some are bulbous, others are tapered, and a few even mimic the natural contours of phallic anatomy. These designs are not merely aesthetic choices; they are calculated to provide maximum pleasure through penetration, stimulating erogenous zones with expert precision.  


Nadia employs these wands with the skill of a seasoned practitioner. Her movements are fluid and deliberate, each stroke designed to elicit moans of pleasure from her clientele. The wands are typically used for penetration, targeting both common and lesser-known erogenous zones to provide a heightened sensory experience. Their glass composition allows for easy cleaning, ensuring that hygiene is maintained at all times.  

Cultural Recognition

While glass wands are not uncommon in the sexually active adult community of Al-Zaluma, Nadia's collection stands apart in its intricacy and utility. Most individuals familiar with such tools would recognize them on sight, but Nadia's wands are a cut above the rest—more intricate, more sensual, and infinitely more useful.  


These wands are a rare treat, seldom seen by even her most frequent patrons. Nadia is selective in their use, often retrieving only the specific tool needed for the task at hand. This selective deployment adds an air of exclusivity and anticipation, making each encounter a memorable experience.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nadia, known affectionately as "the Cuddler," possesses a history as intricate as the lacework veils that adorn the chambers of Bayt al-Sirr. Her journey is one of intellectual pursuit, societal ostracization, and ultimately, a form of redemption through her role as a Jarya.   At the tender age of 16, her insatiable curiosity and prodigious intellect earned her a coveted spot in one of Al-Zaluma's most prestigious institutes for higher learning. Her eyes, pools of untamed intellect, devoured tomes and scrolls, while her lithe fingers danced gracefully over parchment, penning theories and hypotheses. However, her academic career was cut short at 19 when she dared to challenge the orthodoxy. She posited that Magic could be performed without invoking the sun goddess, Alessandra—a notion deemed heretical by the Caliphate of Al-Zaluma. Her expulsion was swift, her name sullied, and her prospects dimmed.   Now in her mid-40s, Nadia has found sanctuary within the opulent, shadowy confines of Bayt al-Sirr. Her spined Devil's tail, a sinuous extension of her being, coils and uncoils as she navigates the labyrinthine corridors of the establishment. Though her skin has lost the youthful elasticity of her younger years, it has gained the patina of experience, and her eyes, still smoldering embers of intellect, draw patrons into her orbit.   While her younger companions engage in more corporeal pleasures, Nadia employs her mind as her most potent instrument of allure. Her conversations are laced with innuendo, her words chosen to titillate both the mind and the senses. She reclines on plush cushions, her posture an open invitation, as she engages her patrons in dialogues that range from the philosophical to the profane. Her voice, a sultry timbre, becomes the medium through which she practices her own form of magic—a magic that requires no goddess to invoke, only the willingness to explore the forbidden recesses of the mind.

Personality Characteristics


Once a scholar ensconced in the hallowed halls of academia, she now finds herself in the sumptuous chambers of Bayt al-Sirr. Her motivations are a blend of intellectual rebellion and sensual liberation. Expelled for her heretical ideas, she discovered a sanctuary that not only accepted her unorthodox beliefs but also her physical manifestation—a Devil's tail as black as onyx.   For Nadia, Bayt al-Sirr is more than a place of employment; it's a realm of existential affirmation. Her conversations with patrons are not mere exchanges but intellectual duels, where her mind is as much a weapon as her body. Clad in garments that defy societal norms, she reclines on opulent cushions, her eyes smoldering invitations to a world of cerebral and sensual delights. Her tail, often the object of societal scorn, becomes an instrument of allure, its spines tracing invisible patterns in the air, each movement a symphony of seduction.   But don't mistake her for a mere object of carnal desire. Nadia is a woman in full control of her faculties, both intellectual and physical. Her epithet, "The Cuddler," is not a reduction of her complexity but an acknowledgment of her multifaceted nature. She offers emotional solace with the same fervor she challenges intellectual complacency. Her tail, a physical manifestation often associated with moral corruption, serves as a poignant counter-narrative, challenging patrons to confront their own biases.   Retirement from academia has not dulled her intellectual edge; rather, it has sharpened her understanding of the Human condition. She has traded ink for flesh, parchment for skin, but the essence remains the same—a relentless pursuit of truth, whether it lies in the arcane complexities of ancient texts or the soft, hidden corners of human desire.



Paramour (Trivial)

Towards Tariq




Paramour (Trivial)

Towards Nadia




Tariq and Nadia share a multifaceted relationship within Bayt al-Sirr. Bound by professional roles, they also engage in intellectual dialogues and experience mutual physical attraction. Their interactions are governed by strict professional ethics, ensuring that personal involvement does not compromise their duties. A shared history of societal challenges adds emotional depth to their relationship.

Relationship Reasoning

Professional Interactions

Their professional interactions are characterized by mutual respect and a shared understanding of the establishment's unique ethos. Tariq values Nadia's intellectual prowess and her ability to engage patrons on a cerebral level, which often complements his role in maintaining a secure environment. Nadia, in turn, appreciates Tariq's unwavering commitment to his duties, which ensures that she and her colleagues can perform their roles without fear of external threats.  

Personal Dynamics

On a personal level, their relationship transcends the boundaries of mere colleagues. They share an occasional intimate relationship, a liaison that is both physical and emotional. Tariq, often the object of patrons' more visceral desires, finds in Nadia a partner who can match his intellectual and physical needs. Nadia, a woman of complex motivations and desires, finds in Tariq a man who can appreciate her multifaceted nature.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both Tariq and Nadia have faced societal ostracization in their pasts—Tariq for his moral integrity and Nadia for her intellectual rebellion. This shared experience of being 'outsiders' has fostered a sense of solidarity between them. They both find Bayt al-Sirr to be a sanctuary, a place where they can be their authentic selves without judgment.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1481 PE 46 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization


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