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Chief of Security Tariq ibn Faisal al-Azraq (a.k.a. The Guardian of Secrets)

Physical Description

Facial Features

Tariq's face is a study in rugged allure, a canvas where sensuality and strength coalesce into an irresistible visage. His skin, a sumptuous shade of brown, seems as if it has been caressed by the desert sun, imbuing him with an earthy magnetism. His eyes, dark and deep, smolder with an intensity that beckons like a siren's call, promising both danger and delight. They are the kind of eyes that can pierce through veils of pretense, laying bare the hidden desires of those who dare to meet his gaze.   Above his sensuous lips rests a well-groomed mustache, a touch of sophistication that only heightens his raw masculine appeal. The mustache frames his mouth perfectly, drawing attention to lips that seem sculpted for sin—full, soft, and infinitely inviting. These are lips that could whisper sweet nothings and fervent oaths with equal conviction, lips that could ignite a fire of longing with the merest hint of a smile.   A small scar graces his left cheek, a tantalizing imperfection that adds an element of danger to his otherwise flawless countenance. It's the kind of scar that tells a story, a subtle mark that hints at past battles and untold adventures. Yet, it does nothing to mar his beauty; rather, it enhances it, adding a layer of complexity to his already captivating features.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a lineage of warriors, Tariq's early years were a crucible of discipline and desire. His father, Faisal, was a stern military man who believed in the rigidity of form and function. Yet, even in those formative years, Tariq's eyes—a smoldering blend of wisdom and want—hinted at a soul yearning for more than just the rigors of military life.   As a young soldier, his physique ripened into that of a man's, each muscle a taut testament to his martial prowess. His arms, powerful and veined, were honed instruments of war, yet they also knew the tender caress of clandestine lovers in the barracks. His chest, a broad expanse of sinew and strength, bore the weight of his armor and the secret yearnings for a life less ordinary.   The tipping point came during a covert mission, where he witnessed the corruption that festered within the ranks of his own comrades. The experience was a bitter pill, a violation that thrust deep into his core beliefs. Disillusioned, he left the military, his exit as swift and clean as a blade's parting kiss on flesh.   It was Al-Ra'is who found him, recognizing the blend of integrity and sensuality that simmered beneath Tariq's stoic exterior. As Chief of Security at Bayt al-Sirr, Tariq found a sanctuary where his dual nature could flourish. By day, his authoritative stance and watchful gaze were the unyielding pillars that upheld the establishment's safety. Yet, as the sun yielded to the embrace of night, another aspect of him unfurled. His movements, once rigid with duty, became fluid expressions of suppressed desire, each step a sultry promise, each glance an invitation to explore the landscapes of his flesh.   The dawn bore witness to his most intimate transactions. In the privacy of secluded chambers, he catered to select patrons whose hunger for him was a palpable force, as real as the coins that filled his coffers. His hands, so accustomed to the grip of his scimitar, now navigated the contours of longing and fulfillment, each touch a masterstroke of pleasure and power.   Tariq ibn Faisal al-Azraq is a man of complexities, a guardian of secrets and a purveyor of hidden desires. In the hallowed halls of Bayt al-Sirr, he has found a home that mirrors his own multifaceted nature—a sanctuary that honors both the warrior and the lover within.

Personality Characteristics


Tariq's motivations are a blend of duty, desire, and a quest for personal redemption. As Chief of Security at Bayt al-Sirr, he finds a sense of purpose that eluded him in his former military life. His muscular frame, honed to perfection through years of disciplined training, serves as a bulwark against the dangers that threaten the establishment. Yet, beneath the armor and the well-groomed mustache that frames his sensuous lips, lies a man of complex desires.   His eyes, often described as smoldering embers, reveal a yearning for intimacy that his role as guardian seldom affords him. The rigidity of his professional life, where every movement is calculated and every posture exudes authority, contrasts sharply with the fluidity he allows himself in his private engagements. When the sun rises and the veil of night lifts, Tariq's posture shifts from one of guarded vigilance to languid ease. His movements become a dance of seduction, each step a tantalizing promise of the pleasures that await his select clientele.   It is in these stolen moments of dawn that Tariq indulges in his side business, a venture driven as much by financial pragmatism as by a hunger for Human connection. His hands, so often clenched around the hilt of his scimitar, find softer, more yielding forms to explore. The same fingers that could expertly wield a blade traverse the landscapes of flesh with a lover's finesse, eliciting sighs that mingle with the morning air.   Yet, even as he revels in the carnal delights of his dawn escapades, Tariq is guided by an unwavering moral compass. His side business is conducted with the same level of integrity and discretion that he applies to his role at Bayt al-Sirr. For Tariq understands that in a world fraught with contradictions and complexities, one must navigate the fine line between duty and desire, ever mindful of the balance that sustains not just the House of Secrets, but his own intricate tapestry of motivations.



Paramour (Trivial)

Towards Tariq




Paramour (Trivial)

Towards Nadia




Tariq and Nadia share a multifaceted relationship within Bayt al-Sirr. Bound by professional roles, they also engage in intellectual dialogues and experience mutual physical attraction. Their interactions are governed by strict professional ethics, ensuring that personal involvement does not compromise their duties. A shared history of societal challenges adds emotional depth to their relationship.

Relationship Reasoning

Professional Interactions

Their professional interactions are characterized by mutual respect and a shared understanding of the establishment's unique ethos. Tariq values Nadia's intellectual prowess and her ability to engage patrons on a cerebral level, which often complements his role in maintaining a secure environment. Nadia, in turn, appreciates Tariq's unwavering commitment to his duties, which ensures that she and her colleagues can perform their roles without fear of external threats.  

Personal Dynamics

On a personal level, their relationship transcends the boundaries of mere colleagues. They share an occasional intimate relationship, a liaison that is both physical and emotional. Tariq, often the object of patrons' more visceral desires, finds in Nadia a partner who can match his intellectual and physical needs. Nadia, a woman of complex motivations and desires, finds in Tariq a man who can appreciate her multifaceted nature.

Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both Tariq and Nadia have faced societal ostracization in their pasts—Tariq for his moral integrity and Nadia for her intellectual rebellion. This shared experience of being 'outsiders' has fostered a sense of solidarity between them. They both find Bayt al-Sirr to be a sanctuary, a place where they can be their authentic selves without judgment.

Lawful Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
1472 PE 55 Years old
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
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