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The Dolorous Daughter of Darkness

Mistress Midal Yorn

Midal, the second youngest progeny of the formidable Tah'Caluss Yorn, is a figure of enigmatic allure within the shadowy ranks of the Murkwrought Marauders. A Shadar-Kai of the Shadowfell, she is a creature born of darkness and mystery, her essence woven from the very shadows that cloak her homeland.   She is a specter in her father's court, often feeling overlooked by the Master of the Marauders. Yet, this perceived neglect does not diminish her; rather, it fuels her, stokes the embers of her ambition into a blazing inferno. She craves the sting of adversity, the sweet torment of struggle, for it is in the crucible of pain that she finds her true strength. Her masochistic tendencies are not a weakness, but a testament to her resilience, her ability to transform suffering into power.   Among the Marauders, her reputation is as chilling as the icy winds of the Shadowfell. She is known for her intense behavior, her penchant for pushing boundaries, for courting danger with a reckless abandon that both terrifies and fascinates her peers. Her name is whispered in hushed tones, a ghost story told in the flickering light of the shadow-lanterns, a cautionary tale of what happens when one dances too closely with the darkness.   Yet, beneath the surface, beneath the rumors and the fear, there is a depth to Midal that few dare to explore. She is not just a masochist, not just a forgotten daughter. She is a force of nature, a storm brewing in the heart of the Shadowfell, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Shadar-Kai. She is Midal, the second youngest child of Tah'Caluss Yorn, and she will not be forgotten.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Midal, the enigmatic Shadar-Kai, is a figure of lithe agility and lean strength. Her body, honed by years of survival in the harsh realm of the Shadowfell, is a testament to her resilience and determination. She bears the scars of her battles, each one a badge of honor, a testament to her survival against the odds. Her physical condition is excellent, a result of her rigorous training and the harsh conditions of her home. She moves with the grace and precision of a predator, her every motion a dance of power and control.

Body Features

Midal, the enigmatic Shadar-Kai, is a figure of captivating allure, her physical form a blend of fey grace and shadowy resilience that exudes a seductive charm.   Beginning at the base, her feet are slender, the toes long and agile, each one capable of a dancer's precision or a predator's grip. Her ankles, while appearing delicate, possess a hidden strength, a testament to the countless hours spent navigating the treacherous terrain of the Shadowfell.   Her legs, long and lithe, are a testament to her agility and speed. The lean muscles, honed to perfection, ripple subtly beneath her pale skin, their definition hinting at the power they contain. Her knees, adorned with a few battle scars, speak of a warrior's past, each mark a story of survival.   Ascending to her torso, the gentle curve of her hips accentuates her slender waist, creating a silhouette that is both powerful and enticing. Her abdomen is a canvas of firm, toned muscles, each one moving subtly with her breath, a testament to her physical prowess. Her chest, modest yet alluring, adds to her feminine charm without detracting from her warrior's physique.   Her arms mirror her legs in their lean strength, the well-defined muscles a testament to her warrior's training. Her hands, however, are a striking feature. Slender, with long, nimble fingers tipped with sharp, black nails, they are the hands of a spell-weaver and a sword-wielder, equally adept at both.   Her shoulders, slender and strong, lead up to a graceful neck that holds her head high with an air of authority. Her ears, pointed and delicate, are a distinctive feature of her fey heritage, adding an exotic touch to her captivating appearance.

Facial Features

Midal's face is a haunting tableau of ethereal beauty and chilling intensity. Her skin, a ghostly white, is as smooth and unblemished as alabaster, serving as a stark canvas for the intricate tattoos that trace a web of dark ink across her high cheekbones and sharp jawline. These tattoos, a testament to her resilience and capacity for pain, add an element of fierce beauty to her visage.   Her ears, pointed and delicate, are a testament to her fey heritage. They are adorned with an array of intricate piercings, each one a symbol of her resilience, her capacity to transform pain into power. They frame her face like a pair of Silver wings, adding an edge of danger to her beauty.   Her hair, a cascade of raven-black locks, falls around her face in a wild, untamed mane. It is as dark as the shadows she calls home, a stark contrast to her pale skin. It is a symbol of her rebellion, her refusal to conform to societal norms.   Her nose, slender and sharp, adds an edge of aristocracy to her features. It is a symbol of her status, her place among the Murkwrought Marauders. It is a testament to her strength, her determination to carve her own path.   But it is her eyes that truly captivate. They are a deep, smoky quartz, their gaze piercing and intense. They are the eyes of a predator, always watching, always calculating. They hold a hint of the psychopathic villain that lies beneath her beautiful exterior, a chilling reminder of her ruthless nature.   Yet, within those eyes, there is also a hint of seduction. They hold a promise of danger, of excitement, of a thrill that is as intoxicating as it is terrifying. They are a lure, drawing you in with their intensity, their promise of a dance with darkness.

Apparel & Accessories

Midal's attire is a reflection of her personality and her status among the Murkwrought Marauders. She favors dark, form-fitting clothing that allows her to move freely and silently, a necessity in the shadowy realm she calls home. Her garments are made from the finest shadow silk, a material as dark and elusive as the shadows themselves.   Around her neck, she wears a choker of blackened Silver, adorned with a single raven's feather, a symbol of her allegiance to the Raven Queen. Her fingers are adorned with rings of various designs, each one a trophy from a defeated foe, a testament to her prowess in battle.   Her most striking accessory, however, is her belt. Made from the hide of a shadow Dragon, it is a symbol of her power, her dominance. It is adorned with various trinkets and tools, each one a testament to her resourcefulness, her ability to adapt and survive in the harsh realm of the Shadowfell.

Mental characteristics


In the Shadowfell, where the lines between light and dark blur into obscurity, so too does Midal blur the lines of conventional sexuality. She is a creature of desire, her passions as fluid and unpredictable as the shifting shadows that cloak her homeland. Her sexuality is not confined by societal norms or expectations, but rather, it is an extension of her indomitable spirit, a testament to her fierce individuality.   Midal does not seek partners based on gender, but rather on power, on strength, on the ability to challenge her and match her intensity. She is drawn to those who can stand in the face of her storm, who can meet her gaze without flinching, who can dance with her in the dangerous ballet of power and control. Her desires are not dictated by physical attributes, but by the strength of character, by resilience, by the ability to survive in the harsh realm of the Shadowfell.   Her relationships are erratic scales of power and control, a game of shadows played in the heart of darkness. She seeks not just physical satisfaction, but psychological gratification, the thrill of the chase, the intoxicating rush of power. Her partners are not just lovers, but allies, adversaries, players in her game of shadows.

Personality Characteristics


Midal, the enigmatic daughter of darkness, is driven by a complex web of desires and motivations. At the heart of her actions lies a deep-seated desire for recognition and power. Often feeling overlooked by her father, she yearns to step out of his shadow and carve her own path. This desire fuels her ambition, pushing her to take risks and challenge boundaries in her quest for power.   Her goals are as multifaceted as she is. She seeks to establish her own reputation within the Murkwrought Marauders, to prove that she is more than just the forgotten daughter of Tah'Caluss Yorn. She craves the thrill of power, the intoxicating rush that comes with control and dominance. Yet, beneath these ambitions, there is a deeper, more personal goal: to understand herself, to reconcile the conflicting emotions that stir within her.   When making decisions, Midal prioritizes her own interests. She is a survivor, a fighter who knows the importance of self-preservation. Yet, she is not entirely self-serving. She values those who prove their worth, who show strength and resilience. She is not above forming alliances, as long as they serve her interests.   As for her reputation as a ruthless psychopath, there is some truth to it. Midal is known for her intense behavior, her disregard for conventions, and her willingness to push boundaries. She can be ruthless when pursuing her goals, showing little mercy to those who stand in her way. However, labeling her as a psychopath oversimplifies her character. She is complex, driven by a myriad of motivations and desires. She is capable of forming connections, of caring for others in her own unique way. She is not just a psychopath; she is Midal, a figure of mystery and power, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Shadar-Kai.



Paramour (Important)

Towards Midal




Paramour (Vital)

Towards Mordrakas




The relationship between Mordrakas, the Thoughtstealer, and Midal, the forgotten daughter of Tah'Caluss Yorn, is a complex tapestry woven from threads of power, ambition, and taboo. Their paths first crossed in the shadowy realm of the Shadowfell, where Mordrakas served as a lieutenant to Midal's father. From their first encounter, there was a spark of intrigue, a mutual recognition of the darkness that dwelled within each other's hearts.   Midal, feeling overlooked by her father, was drawn to the power and mystery that Mordrakas embodied. She saw in him a reflection of her own ambition, her own desire to step out of her father's shadow. Mordrakas, on the other hand, was intrigued by Midal's resilience, her capacity to transform pain into power. He saw in her a potential ally, a tool to further his own ambitions.   Their relationship began as a dance of power and manipulation, each trying to use the other for their own ends. Mordrakas, with his psychic abilities and mastery of deception, sought to manipulate Midal, to use her as a pawn in his quest for power. Midal, however, proved to be more than just a pawn. She was a player in her own right, using her own cunning and ruthlessness to counter Mordrakas's manipulations.   Over time, their relationship evolved into something more complex. They became partners in crime, allies in their shared quest for power. They pushed each other to their limits, challenging each other, testing each other's boundaries. Their relationship was a dance of danger and excitement, a thrill that was as intoxicating as it was terrifying.   Yet, beneath the surface of their alliance, there was a deeper connection. Midal, despite her ruthless nature, found herself drawn to Mordrakas. She was fascinated by his alien nature, his mastery of the shadows. She found in him a kindred spirit, a mirror that reflected her own darkness. Mordrakas, for his part, found in Midal a source of amusement, a diversion from his usual machinations. He enjoyed the power dynamics of their relationship, the thrill of manipulating a psychopathic villain.   Their relationship, however, was not without its complications. Midal, despite her attraction to Mordrakas, struggled with her feelings. She was torn between her desire for power and her growing affection for Mordrakas. Mordrakas, on the other hand, was caught between his loyalty to Tah'Caluss Yorn and his own ambitions. He was torn between his duty as a lieutenant and his desire for power.   In the end, their relationship was a reflection of their own natures. It was a dance of power and manipulation, a game of shadows and secrets. It was a testament to their shared ambition, their shared darkness. And yet, despite its complexity, their relationship was a source of strength for both of them. It was a bond that, despite its darkness, gave them the strength to face the challenges of the Shadowfell.   Today, their relationship remains as complex and enigmatic as ever. They continue to dance their dance of power and manipulation, their alliance as strong as ever. Yet, beneath the surface, there are signs of change. Midal, despite her ruthless nature, seems to be developing deeper feelings for Mordrakas. Mordrakas, despite his loyalty to Tah'Caluss Yorn, seems to be nurturing his own ambitions. Their relationship, like the shadows they inhabit, is constantly shifting, constantly evolving. Only time will tell what the future holds for Mordrakas and Midal, the unlikely allies in the heart of the Shadowfell.

Shared Secrets

The clandestine nature of Midal and Mordrakas's affair is a necessary precaution, born out of their respective positions and the potential consequences of their liaison becoming public knowledge. As the daughter of Tah'Caluss Yorn, the Master of the Murkwrought Marauders, Midal's actions are under constant scrutiny. Any perceived weakness or deviation from the expected norms could be exploited by her father's enemies or those within the Marauders who covet power. Her relationship with Mordrakas, a servant of her father and a creature of a different species, would certainly be seen as a scandalous deviation.   For Mordrakas, the secrecy is equally crucial. As an Illithid, or Mindflayer, his species is typically viewed with fear and revulsion by others. His position as a lieutenant to Tah'Caluss Yorn affords him a certain level of protection, but it also places him in a precarious position. His relationship with Midal, if discovered, could be seen as a betrayal of his master, a manipulation of his daughter for his own ends. The consequences of such a discovery could be dire, potentially leading to his expulsion from the Marauders or worse.   Moreover, their affair is not just a matter of physical attraction but also a strategic alliance. Both Midal and Mordrakas are ambitious individuals, each with their own goals and aspirations. Their relationship allows them to share information, resources, and support each other's ambitions in a way that would not be possible if their affair was public knowledge. The secrecy of their relationship provides them with a private sphere where they can plot and strategize away from prying eyes.   Finally, there is an element of thrill and excitement in maintaining the secrecy of their affair. For Midal, who thrives on danger and the thrill of the forbidden, the clandestine nature of their relationship adds an extra layer of excitement. For Mordrakas, the secrecy allows him to engage in a level of emotional and physical intimacy that is typically denied to his species, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue to his otherwise calculating and strategic existence.


Sibling (Important)

Towards Midal




Sibling (Important)

Towards Cindela




Companion (Important)

Towards Nyxen




Familiar (Vital)

Towards Midal



Year of Birth
772 AW 2299 Years old
Cindela (Sibling)
Smoky Quartz
Long raven locks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ashen white
150 lb


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