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Farida al-Sirr

Ghāziya Farida al-Sirr- al-Saitan (a.k.a. Mistress of Melody)

The air in Bayt al-Sirr was thick with incense and anticipation. Farida, Mistress of Melody, delicately strummed the strings of her oud, a gift from a discreet yet influential patron. Her fingers danced over the strings, each note a drop of nectar in the ears of the rapt audience. Her Half-Elf ears, a point of pride and prejudice, seemed to capture the very essence of the music, channeling it into her soul.   Across the hall, Yasmina, her partner in art and illusion, moved with feline grace. Her Shifter lineage was evident in every sinuous curve and arch of her body. As Yasmina danced closer, her bodice "accidentally" loosened, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her breasts. A patron reached across the table for his goblet, and Yasmina seized the moment. With a sultry smile, she pressed her exposed flesh into his outstretched hand, her eyes locking onto his. The man's breath hitched, a captive to her raw sensuality.   "Ah, sister, always the center of attention," Farida purred, her voice dripping with feigned jealousy. She adjusted her own revealing attire, a calculated wardrobe malfunction that drew eyes to her famous phallus. The crowd gasped, then erupted in cheers. Farida reveled in their reaction, her face a mask of performative unawareness.   Yasmina sauntered over, her eyes alight with mischief. "Jealousy doesn't suit you, sister."   "Neither does modesty suit you," Farida retorted. With a swift, fluid motion, she leaned in and stole a lingering kiss from a nearby patron. The room filled with a mix of gasps and applause.   As their act reached its crescendo, the boundaries between the performers and the audience blurred, each feeding off the energy of the other. Farida's oud sang a haunting melody, a counterpoint to Yasmina's hypnotic movements. Together, they were a symphony of illicit desire and artistic mastery, a living testament to the complex tapestry of Bayt al-Sirr.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born as Farid al-Saitan, Farida's tale begins not in the lofty halls of elven palaces but in the gritty streets of Al-Zaluma. An orphan with no lineage to claim, young Farid navigated the labyrinthine alleys as a pickpocket, a street urchin with nimble fingers and a keen eye. Life was a daily struggle, each dawn a question and each dusk an answer, often written in the language of hunger and want.   However, destiny, ever capricious, had other plans. One fateful day, a dark-skinned High Elf appeared, as if stepping out of the very air. With eyes that held the wisdom of ages and a demeanor that commanded respect, the Elf revealed a staggering truth: they were one of Farid's biological parents, returned from an extended sojourn in the Astral Sea aboard a Spelljammer named the Starpetal. The revelation was like a key turning in a lock, and suddenly, the world expanded. Elves were not mere myths, and Magic was not the stuff of bedtime stories; they were real, as real as the cobblestones of Al-Zaluma.   Seizing the opportunity to escape a life of petty theft and hardship, Farid—soon to be Farida—set sail for the high-elven city of Myth Wnthalas on the distant continent of Ofica. It was a land of ancient trees and eternal stars, where time flowed like a gentle stream and the air was thick with the scent of blooming nightflowers. Here, Farida found the freedom to explore her true identity, unshackled by the societal norms of Al-Zaluma. The city, with its open-minded ethos and celebration of diversity, allowed her to embrace her transfemme identity fully.   It was in Myth Wnthalas that Farida discovered her love for music, particularly the oud, an instrument that spoke to her soul. Her talent did not go unnoticed, and soon she was a court musician, her melodies echoing in the marble halls of elven nobility. Yet, even as she strummed the strings of her oud, a part of her yearned for the streets of her childhood, streets that glowed with a divine aura when night fell.   Fate intervened once more when a traveling Wood Elf arrived in Myth Wnthalas, carrying an oud from Al-Zaluma. The sight of the familiar instrument was a poignant reminder of her roots, and homesickness washed over her like a tidal wave. With a heart full of mixed emotions, Farida decided it was time to return. She set sail for Eoperax, the continent that cradled Al-Zaluma on its far Western end.   Today, Farida al-Sirr, along with her partner Yasmina, graces the halls of Bayt al-Sirr as one of its famed sister Ghāziya. Yet, her journey from the streets to the stars and back again is a testament to her resilience, a narrative that adds layers of complexity to her art and her identity.

Gender Identity

Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of identity, Farida's journey serves as a compelling narrative arc in Rolara's ever-shifting tapestry. Forget the limitations of language; they're but mere constructs, unable to capture the essence of a soul's odyssey. Farida's transfemme identity, a term even the eloquent elven dialects lack, transcends the boundaries of words. It's a lived experience, a resonant chord in the symphony of her life.   Myth Wnthalas, the high-elven city, offered her not just freedom but a mirror to her soul. There, she discovered her true self, unshackled by the societal norms that often serve as invisible chains. This isn't merely a tale of changing labels; it's a metamorphosis, a shedding of a skin that never quite fit.


Farida's understanding of sexuality was shaped early on by the cultural milieu of Al-Zaluma, a city that, for all its complexities, held a relatively open view on consensual love between adults. Growing up as an orphan on the city's softly-glowing streets, Farida was aware that love, in its many forms, was respected within the bounds of species and marriage. As a child, she felt no apprehension about her attractions to the beautiful men she encountered, knowing that her feelings were neither taboo nor shameful.   However, her experiences in love and sexuality took a nuanced turn upon her return from Myth Wnthalas and her subsequent employment at Bayt al-Sirr. While Farida has not faced difficulties in romantic or sexual pursuits per se, she has encountered a unique form of discrimination. The pointed ears, a hallmark of her half-elven heritage, have become the focal point of a back-handed racism, a subtle yet insidious form of prejudice that has marred her interactions with Human patrons.   This treatment has led Farida to a firm resolution: to court and offer her services exclusively to non-humans whenever feasible. It is a decision born not out of animosity toward humans but as a protective measure, a way to create a space where she can express her sexuality without the looming shadow of prejudice. Farida's choice is both a personal and political statement, a commentary on the complexities of identity and desire in a world that often struggles to accommodate diversity.


Farida's career trajectory has been a journey of both personal and artistic evolution. After her transformative years in Myth Wnthalas, she returned to Al-Zaluma and quickly found her niche as a Ghāziya at Bayt al-Sirr. Initially, she graced the establishment's main hall as a solo Oud player, her melodies imbued with the ethereal qualities she had absorbed from her elven heritage. However, her artistry took a new direction when Yasmina joined the establishment in 1523.   Recognizing a kindred spirit in Yasmina, Farida saw an opportunity for collaboration that went beyond mere musical accompaniment. Together, they conceptualized an act that would challenge the traditional boundaries of their art form. They adopted the personas of jealous sisters, a narrative that added layers of complexity and allure to their performances. This act not only captivated their audience but also elevated the status of Bayt al-Sirr as a hub of innovative and high-quality entertainment.   The duo's synergy on stage is palpable, a testament to their shared commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Farida's years of courtly training in Myth Wnthalas have imbued her with a technical mastery that complements Yasmina's raw, emotive power. Together, they have redefined what it means to be a Ghāziya in Al-Zaluma, and in doing so, have secured their places as the luminous stars in the constellation that is Bayt al-Sirr.


Farida al-Sirr

Co-star (Important)

Towards Yasmina al-Sirr



Yasmina al-Sirr

Co-star (Important)

Towards Farida al-Sirr



Lawful Neutral
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1492 PE 35 Years old
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