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Eloise Morgan

Excellent deckhand

Eloise Maria Morgan

Pirate sailor on the Narwhal and later also on the Sunset Dawn. Eloise was good at her job, as long as it didn't involve leading others. Very skillful with a knife in close quarters and always fun to have around.

Atlantic Trader

In the grab for cash Eloise had a pivotal role as she still held onto her valid US passport, that way she could get into the USA without questions and spy on the Atlantic Trader while it was being loaded. The information she gathered there was vital for the crew to be able to deviate a portion of that money to their own pockets.


Eloise joined Lester Logan in the Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn out of jealousy towards Rose, she had always admired Captain Peter James Jacobson. But he didn’t care more about her than that she was a valuable crew member. When the Pirate crew split up over the Narwhal and the Sunset Dawn she hesitated but her closest friends among the crew went to the Dawn so she did too, for a long time everything was good, but she never could overcome her jealousy and when mutiny brewed, she joined in. During the mutiny, Eloise got shot in the abdomen and bled out on deck, who precisely shot her and when nobody knows.

Current Status
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Died of a gunshot wound during a mutiny.
Place of Death
Aligned Organization

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Dec 22, 2023 11:13 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

RIP Eloise. It's a shame she could never overcome her jealousy.

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