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Lester Logan

Lester Lily Logan

Early Career

Lester started his pirating career because he was caught by Captain Peter James Jacobson when he climbed onboard the Narwhal, in an attempt to steal something out of what he thought was a simple pleasure yacht.

Under the care of Boatswain Michael Lester became a good sailor and soon was a full member of the crew.

Lester kept his middle name a well guarded secret, and out of the pirate crew only the captain knew of it.

New Captain

After the death of Capt. Jacobson, Lester grew restless with the pirate crew, he did join most of the crew to the Sunset Dawn, where the Bosun made him a Leading Seaman, and the new adventure took his attention for a while.

But after they new Captain Rosalind Oak took the ship on a smuggling trip across the ocean to get diamonds out of the Sperrgebiet, a trip which started out disastrous. And then they didn't do anything for months, let countless of potential prizes pass by. Lester was mad. After they finally left Cape Town, to be chased again by the people that tried to sink them at the beginning of their trip. He had enough; The captain had to go, together with his friend Lasse Andreasen, and some other equilly minded colleagues, he staged a Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn.

The End

Unfortunatly for Lester the mutiny did not end in his favour, and he died in the final fight, after having his neck cut open by the Sabre of Captain Rosalind Oak.

Current Status
Current Location
Circumstances of Death
Died on the third day of the Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn
Place of Death
Indian Ocean
Aligned Organization
Ship's worked on
Sunset Dawn

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio
Character Portrait image: Pirate Flag on staff by Jacob-W


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