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Atlantic Trader

The Atlantic Trader is a modern medium-sized cargo ship, of insignificant importance. It is crewed by seven crew members and primary trades in the coastal trade in Europe. Sometimes it travels across the Atlantic Ocean if the trip is worthwhile. And then it might trade up and down the American coast for a while too.

The ship is of a modern design with the accommodation and the bridge on the forward part of the ship and one single hold aft of that. It has a flush deck without any cargo handling gear of her own.

The ship is owned by the Captain of the ship, who has rented his ship out to the Trading for Profit Shipping Company

Loss of cargo

Once on a trip trough the Caribbean the Atlantic Trader was robbed by pirates, when they transported a single container from the USA to Suriname. According to the cargo paperwork, the container was loaded with newspapers. So they were surprised the pirates were interested in it, and thought it worth wile to rob in such a way that the crew of the Atlantic Trader didn't notice a thing.

Their insurance company paid the ship and TPSC for the loss. But the curiosity from Hugo Dijkstra, employee of TPSC and cousin of the owner, was raised, and he started looking into the events.

TPSC flag by Jacob-W

Current location

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Dec 19, 2022 21:43

Good article :) the flag reminds me of VOC

Dec 20, 2022 12:59 by Bart Weergang

Many (Dutch) shipping companies' flags share a similar design philosophy.