Hugo Dijkstra

Hugo Dijkstra

Hugo Dijkstra is a member of the Dijkstra Family. The family owns and runs one of the biggest shipping companies of the Netherlands: Trading for Profit Shipping Company.

Anthon Dijkstra the current head of the company is the uncle of Hugo. And from when he was sixteen years old, Hugo had worked for the family business. He did all the jobs there are to do in the company. When he started, he even sailed with one of the ships, and did not like it one bit. He was not cut out to be on a ship for long periods of time, but his respect for the people who did that job grew immensely. The Chief Officer, Pieter-Jan Egberink of the ship he sailed with then was now the Commodore of the company. And still his go-to person for any questions he had about ships and shipping.

Hugo's job at the company is that of a researcher. Mostly accidents, but also other odd things. He is very good at finding out stuff and asking the right questions, to tie seemingly unrelated things together to see a bigger picture.

He also had a seat in the strategy advice comity. Where he with others decides the possible directions the TPSC as a company takes.

Hugo is not the only person with the Dijkstra family name at the company, but his uncle occasionally uses him to represent the company when a Dijkstra name will make create an edge in negotiations.

Current Status
Current Residence
Left eye twitches when he's annoyed.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio
Character Portrait image: by Jacob-W


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