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Unsubdued pirate captain.

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Captain Rosalind Abigail Oak, Countess of Holland, Commander in the Military Order of William (a.k.a. Rose)

"Have you ever fired a gun in anger, love?" The soldier said arrogantly.
"I’m not angry." Rose replied with a smile.
Something about her tone made the soldier stop. The look he saw in her eyes, it scared him.


Rosalind Abigail Oak, Countess of Holland, Commander in the Military Order of William, Captain of the Sunset Dawn, Pirate.

As a young woman without a home, Rose ended up joining a Pirate crew. To her own surprise, the same pirates later elected her as their Captain. Through all kinds of adventures she leads her crew on, they upgrade to a bigger ship. It get's sunk. Afterwards Rose goes home, but find's out the life of a former pirate is not so glamorous, even if you're a noble. She misses the sea and leaves everything again to set sail once more.

Early live

Rose grew up as an only child, raised by predominantly by her father. As a child she practised gymnastics fervently. And after high school she attended a maritime university in the Netherlands, where she also did a specialisation in sailing big sailing ships.

"No parents to go to? Or other family?"
-“My mother left us for some Instagram hot boy who didn’t want her kid. My father sought the answer in a bottle, but he found a coffin instead."
"That sucks."
— Rosalind Abigail Oak in conversation with Peter James Jacobson

Maritime Career

Season 1

Rose started her maritime career as a Stewardess on the Antelope. Because it was very difficult to find a trainnee spot as a cadet after she did her schooling at the maritime university. When the owner of that Antelope disappeared without a trace and stopped paying for the provisions and the crew's salary, the crew sold the ship to Captain Peter James Jacobson and the Pirate crew of the Narwhal in exchange for tickets home.
Rose who had nothing left at home, her father had died while she was in university, opted to stay awhile with the pirates, and joined the crew as a sailor on the Narwhal

The pirate crew like what she does and Rose gets promoted to Second Mate on the Narwhal. After the pirate crew splits up, and half of them decide to convert the Antelope to the Pirate ship Sunset Dawn Rose becomes second mate on the Sunset Dawn. Not much later, she even becomes Captain. A position she will hold until the sinking of the ship.

Season 2

Rose travels back to reconnect with her mother. Unfortunately she ends up in the hands of the police, and by sheer luck ends up in the hands of the Order of the Bee.

A new life begins on Doorwerth Castle, where she meets Karel van Gelre for the first time. And sometimes does some clandestine jobs for the Dutch navy (or actually the Dutch secret service MIVD but Rose doesn't know that).

When Rose accidentally meets Bobby Smith and Marshmallow in a pub called Pirate Refuge in the UK. The three of them decide to rebuild their pirate ship, gather the crew and sail on the high seas once more.

Season 3

Rose once again becomes captain, now on the new ship; Red Sunrise. An improved copy of the Sunset Dawn. More pirating adventures await. Karel van Gelre chases after Rose and joins the crew, and the two become romantically involved.

After a shoot out with a vessel from El Patético in Antarctica, the Red Sunrise is not seen again.

Side view Sunset Dawn (18jan23).png
Side view Sunset Dawn (18jan23) by Jacob-W

Personal items

Rose carries an Arsenal Force Stryk-B as her personal weapon, loaded with 15 9 x 19mm parrabellum JSP cartrigdes. The pistol comes in Rose her possession during the first robbery she takes part in as a Sailor with the Narwhal

Peter had taught Rose how to use a sabre, and after his death she inherited his old sabre. (Read more: Sabre of Captain Rosalind Abigail Oak)

After the sinking of the Sunset Dawn, the crew, also Rose, dived on the wreck to pull out more personal effects. Rose also saved the dress and jacket the crew had made her for the Victory ball. Including the diamonds and medals that were attached to the jacket.

A golden seal ring, with a stylish bee inscribed into the seal. The inscription on the inside reads 'Holland'. It's the only thing Rose inherited from her father.

Flags associated with Capt. R.A. Oak

Black Ensign of Rosalind Abigail Oak. by Jacob-W
Red Ensign of Peter James Jacobson and later also used by Rosalind Abigail Oak. by Jacob-W

Once Rose becomes captain, at first she uses the Pirate flag of Peter James Jacobson. But also the Narwhal was using that ensign, so to differentiate she and the crew decide to add a stylised rose to the canton. The Red flag is never altered, it is used very rarely.

Commander in the Military Order of William

For her assistance in the Battle at Klein Curaçao, where the Sunset Dawn saved the Royal Netherlands Navy ship Zr.Ms. Willem Barentsz. Rose as the captain of the ship was awarded with the rank of Commander in the Military Order of William.

From other ships, the ship itself and the other crew members also got medals, but from the pirates nobody else got, and Rose often felt guilty that her crew didn't. But on the other hand they had received a full pardon for any previous committed piracy crimes, and a Letter of marque which legalized their previous actions.

The badge that was part of the insignia of the commander rank, Michael had placed on a wooden plaque on Rose her orders, and hang in the mess room of the Sunset Dawn. As a reward to the ship and the crew.

Countess of Holland

After the Sunset Dawn sunk, Rose ends up in a police cell. And by luck the person she sits across is Andrew Gibson a member of the Order of the Bee. He recognises her golden bee ring. Knew that it meant she belonged to a Dutch noble house, and he decided to find out more and to do so he broke her out of jail.

The ring turned out to be inscribed with the word 'Holland' the family line of the House Holland had been lost to the Order of the Bee for two centuries. But apparently the ring had been passed on. Without even the wearers knowing what it meant. Some research by the archivists of the Order found out that it was most likely correct. And so in the eyes of the Order of the Bee, Rose is the current holder of the noble title Countess of Holland.

Notable relationships


Karel van Gelre

Boyfriend (Vital)

Towards Rose




Girlfriend (Vital)

Towards Karel van Gelre




Lover and pupil (Important)

Towards Peter James Jacobson



Peter James Jacobson

Lover and mentor (Important)

Towards Rose



Jennifer Marie Courtney Jager

Hostess (Trivial)

Towards Rose




Guest (Trivial)

Towards Jennifer Marie Courtney Jager



Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Countess of Holland,
Commander in the Military Order of William,
Karel van Gelre (Boyfriend)
Very long and brown.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light with a healthy sun tan.
Quotes & Catchphrases
  • I do not regret the things that I did, nor will I ever apologize for them.
  • (on a response to someone saying to her ‘You are derailed’) Yes, I am not bound by a pre-planned track.
  • Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    English & Dutch


    At first Rose was a bit adversed to tattoos. But when she won the fight from Stijn during the Victory Ball. Jerry confinced her to accept the five pointed red and green star, that symbolised a sailor had won a fight in a foreign port. She carried that one with pride on her inner left fore arm.

    On the right side of her rib cage Rose has a breaching Orca to show that she'd been to Antarctica with a broken oar in it's mouth that signalled they had won a battle there.

    On her lower right arm she has a row of seven swallows, Originally one swallow signals five-thousand nautical miles at sea, and two swallow's ten-thousand nautical miles. But she'd done many many more, so the flock of seven signalled all that.

    On her left thigh she had a hart stabbed with a dagger, for the friends she lost at the Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn.

    And on her back Jerry had made an elaborate artwork of an Anchor, Sextant, Globe, Turtle and a Golden Dragon.

    Rose is amazing, and the Magistrate is a bitch.

    Despite the reputation of pirates being basically alcoholics. Rose does not drink, after she had witnessed her father die of alcoholism, she never felt the need. She doesn't oppose to others drinking though.

    Character Portrait image: Rosalind Abigail Oak, pirate Captain by Gordon Johnson via pixabay


    Author's Notes

    Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 17. A character driven by wanderlust or the desire to explore.

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