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Region - Vostoswat

The Region

  Vostoswat, known locally as "Wetland" in the Kyrusian language, and referred to as "Eastmarsh" by the rest of the Northern Realms, embodies its namesake as a vast expanse of marshland. The predominantly flat terrain of this extensive wetland is occasionally broken by chains of small hills, providing essential high ground where the region's settlements have naturally clustered. These elevated areas offer respite from the wet, often frozen mire that characterizes much of Vostoswat. The landscape is further adorned by numerous lakes, varying in depth, which lie alongside the meandering rivers crisscrossing the territory. These waterways, serpentine and slow-moving, all converge into the significant mother-river Dolgaya, a name that poetically translates to "the long one" in the native tongue.   The vast territory of Vostoswat is split into two distinct regions, each with its unique character. The northern expanse, known as Syiv, constitutes roughly two-thirds of Vostoswat. This area is marked by a bleak tundra landscape, where the cold is as pervasive as the vastness. In contrast, the southern region, Krestok, offers a warmer climate. It is a land blessed with fertility, its terrain dotted with forests and home to the majority of the population.   These geographical and climatic distinctions however, are more than just features of the land. They represent historical divisions, harking back to the times when Syiv and Krestok were separate monarchies, each with its own rulers and customs, before their eventual union into the Kyrus of today.   Despite its sprawling expanse, Vostoswat is defined by distinct natural boundaries. To the east are the formidable Messial Mountains, a colossal range that runs along the heart of the continent, mark a definitive end to the flat wetlands. These towering peaks are not merely a geographic divide, they represent a cultural barrier, separating distinct ways of life and histories. The northern boundary is guarded by the Iglophian Mountains, a rugged barrier that stands resilient against the harshest northern winds, which Vostoswat touches only a segment of, as they predominantly shield the region of Heimerland. To the south, the Diynar Mountains trace a natural frontier with Ardechia, creating a clear demarcation between the neighboring regions. The only exception to these mountainous borders is the small gulf of the Nord Sea to the west, a serene contrast to the towering elevations that seemingly encircle Vostoswat.  
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