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Muscaria is a settlement in the mountains in the northern half of Rathana.   Alchemists live here that are rumored to live longer than a normal human lifespan.   A researcher, Fygmal Tyqor, lives here and is offering a reward of 1500 suls for a monster that can teleport. (Olkedo Session 4)   Tarot Reading about Muscaria (From Isidora's Tarot Reading):
Past: The Heirophant – Conformity and tradition have always been the law of the land here. While this may sound stuffy and oppressive, this card signifies the importance of listening to elders and mastering the fundamental before attempting innovation.
Present: 5 of Cups – Regret and unexpected results. This could mean that the teachings of the Heirophant weren’t heeded, and things went wrong when someone went their own way.
Future: Page of Wands – The Page of Wands symbolizes curiosity and opportunity. I think that this means that the innovations at work here will ultimately succeed. The mistakes of the past will be learned from instead of holding back new ideas.
(Olkedo Session 4)   Isidora Blackwood told the adventurers that Bihrrage, Mysticac, Warlakra, and Gravecloak are all monsters that learn teleport. (Olkedo Session 4)   Brick recieved a Bihrrage from Lieutenant Mark Coleson of Cross Corners but it does not know teleport yet. (Olkedo Session 6)   The party caught several teleporting Majimonsters on Vultheryol Peak. (Olkedo Session 7)   Pam wants Rasputia to bring some medicines and maybe an alchemical soil treatment to Croatoan from Muscaria. (Olkedo Session 9)   Bakl-vah mentioned that Fygmal Tyqor has a device that can detect magical surges. (Olkedo Session 9)

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