Pimble B. Plunder's Feedary

"Welcome to Pimble B. Plunder's, where the best plunder you'll find is a fresh, hot meal! Take a seat and we'll be right with you!"
— Staff member at Pimble B. Plunder's Feedary

All the Friendly Faces

  Nestled between what looks like a dishevelled building and what one can only assume is some kind of entertainment venue by the raucous laughter and general noise that's able to be heard from several buildings away, sits the lovely building of Pimble B. Plunder's Feedary. As a rather modest establishment, it looks no different from many taverns around the Eight Lands for the most part, however it does bear one particularly notable difference; a large wooden relief that pictures a rather comical caricature of the infamously terrible pirate, Pimble B. Plunder.   The interior is nothing that fancy, dozens of tables and booths to sit at, each neatly arranged across the beaten stone floor to be non-intrusive to other patrons of their establishment and with plenty of room for waiters and waitresses to get about their tables with relative ease. Each table is covered with ship canvas, painted with a cruder version of the relief on the exterior of the building. The bar in the center of the restaurant is in the shape of a simple oval, giving plenty of room for people who wish to sit there and drink for a while, as well as making it easy for the bartenders to move about.   Originally built and owned by Pimble B. Plunder himself, after his rather unsuccessful pirating career came to a close when his last ship got stolen from him by its crew, it is now run by his descendants, Trimble, Thimble, and Thomas. Each of them manage a specific aspect of the restaurant, with Trimble running the kitchen, Thimble running the front of the house, and Thomas running the administration side. Alongside Trimble in the kitchen, their head chef, a tetevini called Wendolin Wayfinder brings a certain magical spice to their recipes, giving them broader tastes and richer flavours.  

The People Behind the Faces

  There are many stories about Pimble B. Plunder's Feedary, some of which have been confirmed by Pimble's descendants while others have been left to the annals of history.   One such story is that of Pimble stealing the longest running and safest ship in the Eight Lands, Patrick. Many people dismiss it as utter nonsense, as no one has ever managed to steal Patrick, however there is some truth to the story. When Pimble was a young sailor, before he became a pirate, he crewed on Patrick for three seasons. At one point, during a rather intense storm, the captain was washed overboard and Pimble happened to be the closest to the wheel, so he grabbed it to prevent the currents from forcing the ship in the wrong direction. Two days later, the captain was recovered, somehow alive, but for a few hours no one bothered to remove Pimble from the helm due to the danger of the storms.   The only theft of Patrick in history was then tossed under the rug and left to be nothing but a story for Pimble to tell to drunken patrons of bars during his pirating career.
Alternative Names
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
- Halfbread and a bowl of the day's soup
- Turkey leg with a side of corn and squash
- Waybread toast, slathered in bacon and squeezed tomatos
- The Displaced Special, with beef and vegetable options
- Fruit salad with tomato
- The Immensely Tall Sandwich
- Wendolin's Woe, order at your own peril
- Cider; apple, orange, beetroot, and honey varieties
- Beer; dark or light varieties
- Juice; apple, orange, beetroot, honeysuckle, mango, or coconut varieties


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Mar 9, 2022 13:01

Sounds like the perfect establishment to have a rest and enjoy some great stories! I wonder, do customers or others confuse the descendants because their names are ridiculously similar? Honestly, that would be a blast but I digress. :P   Keep up the good work! :D

Mar 9, 2022 13:07 by Andrew

Probably not after a while, but definitely when you first meet them!

Mar 10, 2022 00:33 by Ezra Aldrich

Sounds fun! ...Do I wanna know what is in Wendolin's Woe? Does it have the potential to kill? lol

Mar 10, 2022 04:49 by Andrew

Oh no, it can't kill you. Wendolin might, but that's only because she hates making it

Mar 10, 2022 05:03 by Ezra Aldrich

Ah, duly noted lol. Sounds tempting still, hehe~

Mar 10, 2022 13:47 by Barbarossa Sparklebeard

I love this article! It's cutesy and awesome and just plain entertaining. My only request would be to add a tool tip for "tetevini" as there is no link or description of what that is, and it made me curious. Other than that, a former pirates party bar is an excellent addition to any world! Hope you do well in the challenge!

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Mar 10, 2022 17:44 by Michael Chandra

Nice history, menu, and description! And now I'm curious what a tetevini is, any chance you could tooltip it since it's not a public article?   I'd maybe cut a few long sentences up, but the rest is real nice!

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Mar 11, 2022 10:32 by Andrew

Yeah I really need to actually write that article. I have, however, now added a translation for the word in a tooltip, so that should help!

Mar 11, 2022 20:20

Good read :) Sounds like a lovely place

Mar 14, 2022 06:23 by Andrew

I'm happy to hear that you liked it!

Mar 13, 2022 21:54 by Secere Laetes

Hm, that brings back memories of some pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean. I like the self-deprecating tone of the tavern (he also had a sense of humour with the children's names), as well as the fact that it is a real theme tavern. In a way, it could also be in Disneyland, and that's not meant in a negative way. It's something you go to for a bit of fun and to immerse yourself in other worlds. Thank you ^^.

Mar 14, 2022 06:23 by Andrew

It is in a rumored pirate town after all, gotta capitalize on that tourism! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mar 15, 2022 22:31 by Bart Weergang

Glad to see that an unsuccessful pirate can always be a successful feedary owner! But beetroot juice seriously? :S

Mar 16, 2022 01:34 by Andrew

What can I say; he's eclectic!

Mar 17, 2022 20:50 by Angantyr

There is such a potential in the story by Pimble... Nobody believes him, but in all stories lies a grain of truth.   Was it because his pirating was unsuccessful or only because he wanted to change his career?   Btw. while reading around the "Wendolin Wayfinder" I got the Brennan vibes. XD I don't know if it's the phrasing or the way the words are blended, but it kind of resonates. :P

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Mar 21, 2022 10:14 by Andrew

No one believes that the most unsuccessful pirate pirated Patrick! To be fair, it's only technically piracy.   I'll also take "Brennan vibes" as an accomplishment!

Mar 22, 2022 17:33

The menu sounds great! I wonder though how Pimble B Plunder got his reputation as a terrible pirate - he did kind of save the ship by doing his job after all. He seems to have taken to a certain kind of self depracating humor though, putting a caricature of himself everywhere. Or was this the idea of his descendants? Who are the patrons coming into the tavern? Doesn't seem to be built for a pirate crowd, so maybe it appeals to customers who like to feel like they are in danger, although the place is really rather tame? I'd love to read more!

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Mar 23, 2022 08:47 by Andrew

His reputation comes from being a terrible pirate. His technical piracy of Patrick was before he became a pirate. And no, the tavern was completely his own idea after piracy didn't pan out.   As for customers, they come from the lovely town of Port Secura and its rather large pirate tourism industry! Pimble B. Plunder's is basically like a fantasy pirate themed version of a TGI Friday's

Mar 25, 2022 04:44 by Andrew

I may have forgotten to close my italics here.

Mar 24, 2022 13:33 by Chris L

I like your quirky naming conventions, the ship named "Patrick" is my favorite. Nice article here!

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Mar 25, 2022 04:46 by Andrew

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Patrick is probably one of my favourite articles in Pronathea just because it's massive, impressively crewed ship with just an ordinary name instead of being called "The Wavetearer" or something equally dramatic

Mar 30, 2022 18:51

That sounds like the perfect place for some old pirate stories! Honestly, that ship being just called "Patrick" caught be a bit off guard, but I love it! But beetroot juice? Seriously? Who even drinks that? :p

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Mar 30, 2022 22:39 by Andrew

I dunno, some weirdos I guess. Or people who live somewhere with a particularly significant population of beetroot. Who knows!