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Crystallized shards of sacred Lux, the wondrous iridescent splendour of prismarine is coveted across the land.
  Strongly associated with the star Lux and the magic of creation, for Ages without number prismarine has been highly prized among the myriad cultures of Prismaria as a gemstone more valuable than any other.   At the dawn of a new Age, Lux sheds its outermost layers and casts that searing bright material out into the dark void. This material rapidly cools, coalescing and crystallizing. Bright, shining prismarine shards rain down across the land and dispels the inky blackness of the Void Fog.   Prismarine is a hard mineral with no colour intrinsic to the mineral itself that superficially resembles gemstone quality diamond. It is a very hard substance, only slightly softer than sapphire and harder than all but the very hardest steels. It has a very high refractive index, lending it a bright adamantine lustre. Primarine crystals frequently contain microscopic fractures and fibrous cavities invisible to the naked eye, making flawless specimens exceptionally rare.   The abundance of microscopic structures within prismarine crystals give rise to the mineral's most distinctive feature, its iridescence. When illuminated, prismarine crystals seem to glow vibrantly with every hue of the rainbow. Prismarine crystals may also exhibit chatoyancy, where a bright, almost luminous band of light runs through the crystal that seems to move when the crystal is rotated.   Prismarine is perfectly transparent in the visible spectrum, and is known to be transparent in the near infrared and near ultraviolet ranges. It is unknown if prismarine is opaque in any band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Prismarine is extremely stable and inert, resting attack by strong acids and bases alike, and completely immune to ignition or thermal decomposition. Its chemical structure and composition remains unknown, proving remarkably resistant to all forms of analysis. Even spectroscopic analysis of Lux's own outer layers which prismarine is derived from has not revealed any useful data. Despite being so closely associated with light, prismarine has many mysteries with answers that are difficult to illuminate.  
The vivid chromaticity of these gems are as bright and vibrant as the cultures that call this world home.
  Prismarine is strongly associated with the magic of creation, and interacts with strong light in interesting ways. Coherent, monochromatic light produces the strongest reactions, which varies with the wavelength. The imperfect nature of most Prismarine crystals, which tend to be riddled with microscopic cavities and fractures, causes light to be scattered in often undesirable way. Flawless crystals are therefore in very high demand, especially for optical uses.   Even imperfect crystals are useful. Light passed through even the most flawed and fractured crystal has the capacity to push back Void Fog, making it an invaluable resource to protect against striking pressurized pockets of Void Fog whilst mining, and for creating temporary pathways through the fog at the edges of the world.
by Dutrius
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Dec 22, 2021 12:01 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I love your illustration, it seems like a very beautiful crystal :D Is there any specific items that are often created with it?

Dec 22, 2021 15:52

Thank you!   Items are Coming Soon(TM).

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Jan 8, 2022 19:08

Light change that i would recommend, when talking about its transparency, i would put in Flawless or Perfect Prismarine is completely transparent. otherwise it seems to contradict its iridescence. Also, other than as protection for a light source (due to its hardness) what uses are there for flawless crystals? something perfectly transparent wouldn't effect light passing through it at all, making it sort of useless as a lens.   Potentially, as if forms in space it could be the entry into a planets atmosphere and effects of gravity that introduce the flaws?   just some ideas. as AmelieIS said, awesome job on the illustration.

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Jan 10, 2022 16:12

Thank you!   Good idea on making flawless crystals completely transparent, but I would argue that there would still be some internal reflection within the crystal because of its high refractive index. As far as I can tell, it would still work just fine as a lens, because the light will still experience refraction but not attenuation.   Uses are still Coming Soon(TM), because I want to tie it in to the setting's light based magic system, which is still in its early stages of development.   Thank you for giving me things to think about and write about!

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Jan 19, 2022 15:49

I love the amount of detail that is in this article. It seems like you did a great deal of research.

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Jan 26, 2022 15:12

Thank you!

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