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Void Fog

Don't step into the darkness!
  At the edges of the world, in gaps and crevices, and in the dark places where the sacred light of Lux has never touched, an inky black mist lurks. This is the edge of reality, where Prismaria ends, the light stops, and only the void remains.   To walk into the Void Fog is to invite oblivion. As a person steps inside, they first feel a tingling sensation in their skin. As they step further in, they start feeling a cold numbness that grows more intense as the light fades. Once a person walks out of sight of the light, they never return.   When looking at the mist, currents and swirls can often be seen in the inky blackness. Some claim to have seen higher structures in the fog, akin to ropes or tendrils, and some claim to hear disturbing whispering sounds when they get too close.   Pockets of Void Fog are among the most lethal hazards to encounter when mining deep underground. Due to the way the world of Prismaria is recreated at the start of an Age, large areas of the underground are not fully formed, leaving large cavities full of Void Fog. When these pockets are breached, Void Fog surges outwards as if under great pressure.   Light has long been known to be able to keep the Void Fog at bay and light sources fitted with lenses made from Prismarine have been shown to be able to be able to push back the Void Fog,


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