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The sacred light of Lux keeps the darkness of the nihilistic fog away.
  A bright, shining orb of light among the inky murk that permeates the realm, Lux casts its arcane light of creation over the world of Prismaria and keeps the inky black Void Fog at bay.   Lux is a variable star that pulsates and changes over the course of an Age. Over the course of many generations the star's outer layers swell up, dimming as it cools. Eventually it reaches a tipping point, the star goes dark and the Creeping Night begins. Over the course of several hours, Lux collapses in on itself until it rebounds, flaring into a bright nova and violently throwing off its outermost surface out into the black fog.   As the cast off stellar material cools, it coalesces and crystallizes into precious Prismarine, and the world of Prismaria is made anew, ready to wake up to the bright morning of a new Age.  
Walk freely under the divine light of Lux, but beware the shadows that harbour the lightless abyss.
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Dec 9, 2022 16:33 by Aster Blackwell

This is awesome. I love the imagery of it, and the unique cycle it gives your world!