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Ayame Shiori

Dragonslayer Ayame Shiori

The child of Shiori, high priestess of Shiori Villiage. Schooled in Wizardry, she has secreted away the information of the schools of necromancy, and the forbidden knowledge of shadow magic to her bidding.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ayame stands as a lithe creature with 9 fluffy black fox like tails trailing behind her. Her fox like ears poke up from her hair, both of which colored as deep black as her tail, but they bring her standard 5'1 height to 5'7. Though she looks frail, most of her normal body features are hidden by her kimono.

Facial Features

Has a small scar on her left ear from combat with dire rats.

Apparel & Accessories

Ayame wears a purple and black kimono with a cherry blossom pattern that covers most of her body, with long flowing sleeves and a long dress that reaches just above the ground she is wearing traditional Kuraudosukurēpā styled sandals and holding a long pipe that islightly smoking from its tip.

Specialized Equipment

Carriage: Pulled by living Clydesdale.

Mental characteristics




A student of Orzhov.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though cursed by misfortune at a carnival attraction during a festival in Orzhov, they had it removed by Espeaux Shadowdirk, and completed a quest to find a wielder of great and powerful historical artifacts from before the consumption. Because of their actions, they now have direct access to a major historical library from before the consumption, though the details of what they have found are a bit obscure simply due to their age.

Personality Characteristics


Ayame first set out from her tribe by a Bone Reading where she learned she was destined to create a holy artifact. The Shiori Pipe.
Shiori Pipe Statblock

The Shiori Pipe

Damage (S) Damage (M) Type Critical Range
-- 1d4+4 Artifact x2 Melee

Special: +4 Bewildering, Guardian, Artifact Warpipe
Cost: Artifact
Weight: 2lb

A mystical pipe made from three separate mystical ingredients.

Guardian: Instead of applying a +4 bonus on attack rolls, as a free action, the bonus may instead be applied to all saving throws instead for the round.
Bewildering: Upon a successful hit by the weapon, a failed DC 17 will save forces the opponent who has taken damage by the weapon to become confused, as the spell, for 1d6 rounds.
Artifact: By casting a spell, or using a spell slot on the pipe, a cloud billows forth from the pipe, filling out the surrounding area with a 20x20x20 area of fog. This fog is treated as the fog cloud spell for all intents and purposes, however, this area can be extended and transformed to fit any area, instead of a 20x20 radius around the caster, so long as a 5x5ft square starts off in the same spot as the spellcaster themselves. It can be molded to fit any shape, and can fit through cracks in doorways and walls to provide additional coverage, even where the spellcaster has no line of sight.
This fog area can be increased by using spell slots higher than 1st level. For each level higher than 1st, increase the area of fog by multiplying it with the spell level.
When using a prepared, or casting a spell into the pipe, the fog becomes infused with the spells power based on the type of spell used. For each spell level that is used to increase the size of the fog, decrease the level of the spell by 1. You cannot use this part of the artifacts ability if it would bring the spell level to 0 or less. Cantrips cannot be used to use this ability.
  • If the spell has an energy type, the spell deals 1d4 damage of that type to all creatures per spell level.
  • If the spell has a mind altering effect, it applies that effect to all creatures except the spellcaster with a DC save equal to as if they had cast the spell, but at an additional -2 penalty, on top of penalties for the effective level of the spell being changed. The spellcaster may choose to be affected by the spell at their discretion.
  • If the spell is a healing spell, it heals all creatures as if the spell was cast on them directly, but at 1/2 the value (minimum 1). Treat the spell cast as if it was of a lower leveled healing spell of the equivalent level instead of the original spell. If none exists, this has no effect.



Contacts & Relations

Calix: A Vita inhabiting Ayame's body. Previously Soulsaisir.




Towards Ayame Shiori



Ayame Shiori


Towards Yalen


Commonalities & Shared Interests

Both characters have yet to find another Tiamani within their lifetimes, even after searching entire continents. Both have a love of magic, but in wildly different categories.

Divine Classification
Divine Aspirant
Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Priestess of Shiori; Heir of Shiori; Soulsaisir.
Date of Birth
New Years Day 605
Circumstances of Birth
Born with fox ears and tail, denoting her to be the daughter of Shiori.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale Alabaster
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I have always wanted to visit far off places like the two of you, I haven't ventured very far from my shrine."
— To Ragia Raflesia and Eleanor Primrose Dusk. Poviott 12/626.
Arcane Signature: Items that Ayame creates look completely shattered. However shattered they may be however, arcane energies hold the item together in strange colored strands of magical weave. Upon touching something, Ayames items will drain all color from the item for a few seconds, leaving them to appear in a monochrome black and white before the color replenishes itself.


Ayames faithful skeletal companion. Sebastian was a human in his life, long ago when he had flesh and bone. He is 8ft tall, clearly a large man when he was alive. His bones are shattered in places, connected together with strands of smoky dark arcane energy, as if the wind had mixed with ash and the void itself. He is dressed in Fortress Plate Armour of the White Dragon the majority of the time, with a large tower shield and sword, and wears antique brass gauntlets with small claws on the front of them.
Sebastian's Internal Confession
'Just because something came first, doesn't mean it was better.' These words you spoke to the shrine maidens while I had clattered, covered in seaweed behind you at your orders to your home. Everyone was looking at me in fear, but not you. Not you Ayame, even from the moment you brought me into being. I treasure my first memory, as the life force in your tiny body was strong enough, even for me, a newly created undead to tell you were smiling brighter than the dawn when your spell raised me from the dead. "I did it." You claimed before telling me to stand. I was confused, and frightened, but I knew I had to obey your every instruction. "Imma call you Sebastian!" and before I even took in where I was, I had a name. A name you alone gifted me.
It took time for the others to get used to my presence. The awkward, fearful stares when I was to be scrubbed of barnacles, and given armor to protect 'The heir of the Shiori clan.' But for every hundred looks of fear, I received a thousand smiles from your young face. I remember that being ordered to carry wood for the village into town was the first time another Shiori smiled at me, another child as his family received wood for his home for the winter. I didn't understand, for I have never felt cold. Only your presence which gave me some semblance of life as I was there to watch you grow from a furry child, having her fox ears ridiculed by other children, until she made herself taller than all her peers by having her 'Sebastian' be her honorable throne.
I remember days of helping my lady through her morning routine, brushing each of her nine tails a hundred times while she worked on her hair. Picking out clothing and tying off your religious garments for the day. It was lonely while you performed your duties, and I never understood how to make you understand the coldness when faced staring into the bleakness of existence. Somehow though, you knew. You brought me everywhere you possibly could get away with it, and never left me on my own unless you had no choice. I remember days where you screamed your voice rough about letting me join in on the festival in town, and decided that you didn't want to go anyway. Living or... unliving a life like this, I watched you grow, while I stagnated, gave you a foundation to compare too. How else was I supposed to repay you for being my own foundation?
I think it was when you turned sixteen when I really saw what you had planned for the world, as we prepped in secret to one day explore the world. Even buying those cursed gloves, allowing me to dig beneath the earth that nobody but the undead could use, and practicing to use strips of bark to protect you. We were linked, and though many would say it is because you are my lady, my mistress, I do not think even you recognized I wanted you to succeed. You always claimed you could even defeat your father when it came to magic, but the other priestesses always made sure you stayed humble, as you were always frail.
Frail... You were seventeen when you fell ill, barely moved, barely ate, had me carry you around to your duties and you barely spoke as well. Even while you slept you treated me like a child's cradle. I didn't mind, it was more time with my lady, and it barely lasted a month. Since then, you focused on learning magic to keep others in such a state, and keeping me between you and any danger. It was exciting. I had a full purpose in life, and though it was with little, if any challenge, it made me strong to have that purpose in life.
But you grew strong too. It was on your 18th birthday, there was an attack from a large group of bandits attacking the city early in the morning. They killed a few townsfolk, but we were ready. Covering outside of the walls in a dense fog, while you had me pop up and slay them from underground while the townsfolk regrouped and fortified the gate was enough to send them running. Our first major victory, and the proof that we were unstoppable. Maybe that is why we left with the ones from the shipwreck. They seemed to like you, and unlike the others in town they didn't worship you, only saw you as an equal, and past your divine right to rule. Is that why I've been your friend for ten years now? Do you think of me as... No, that's impossible, you are still my mistress, and I always look up to you.
Looking is all I can do. With no flesh or tongue, I could not tell you how brushing your tails remembers my fondness for your kindness in the early days of my unlife. I could not look into your eyes with my empty sockets, and show you how proud I am of you, and truly see you for the gorgeous woman you have become over these years. I have only bone, and no skin to be able to give you the comfort you needed on those cold nights. I have no right, being your creation, no, being a creature of undeath that feels the warmth of life every time that you call for me, that you need me. You don't even need to control me anymore, I've always been yours, and I will be yours until the last spark of my unlife is snuffed from this world.
Every day, I think the same thing, but I cannot scream my loyalty for you from the heavens, where I can never go. Every day, I think this, but every night while you sleep, stuffing me with down feathers so you have someone to hold you at night, those thoughts disappear. Even if you ordered me to live my life after you are gone, I think living my life will always mean to obey every order, except one to leave you forever. Is it possible for a creature to love if it has no heart? No soul? I do not know the answer. But I do know that the only one worthy of you, would be the one whose heart skips a beat when they see your smiling face.