Basic Information


Tiamani always have two legs and two arms, one head, but from there differences vary wildly. Some will have tails, others will have animalistic ears, fur, or other notices of their animal spirit ancestry.

Genetics and Reproduction

Tiamani will always gestate for as long as the mothers base race gestates for. Due to their creation however, Tiamani are unable to produce offspring, unless they breed with a true dragon, in which case, they are able to produce half tiamani half dragon offspring, with normal draconic gestation periods.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Though mostly residing in Kuraudosukurēpā, Tiamani can be found anywhere that Animism is established. Sometimes it is a Tiamani that proves that Animism is a real concept for people to worship.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to the wide variety of Tiamani, not all of them can do so, but some have greater hearing, sight during the night, and even magical powers.

Conservation Status
Tiamani are exceedingly rare in the world. Those that exist, almost solely exist in Kuraudosukurēpā, but occassionaly they are found elsewhere. In Kuraudosukurēpā they are considered so rare, they are considered a blessing upon the town they are in, and treated as a messenger, or sometimes a demigod of the local spirits protecting the town.


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