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We gather today to recognize this child as one from the divine. It is from the mother we count our blessings, it is from the father, we wish for them. May this child bring about the will of the gods, so we may better ourselves.
— Common Animism Prayer.

Basic Information


Tiamani always have two legs and two arms, one head, but from there differences vary wildly. Some will have tails, others will have animalistic ears, fur, or other notices of their animal spirit ancestry.

Genetics and Reproduction

Tiamani will always gestate for as long as the mothers base race gestates for. Due to their creation however, Tiamani are unable to produce offspring, unless they breed with a true dragon, in which case, they are able to produce half tiamani half dragon offspring, with normal draconic gestation periods.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Though mostly residing in Kuraudosukurēpā, Tiamani can be found anywhere that Animism is established. Sometimes it is a Tiamani that proves that Animism is a real concept for people to worship.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to the wide variety of Tiamani, not all of them can do so, but some have greater hearing, sight during the night, and even magical powers.
Conservation Status
Tiamani are exceedingly rare in the world. Those that exist, almost solely exist in Kuraudosukurēpā, but occassionaly they are found elsewhere. In Kuraudosukurēpā they are considered so rare, they are considered a blessing upon the town they are in, and treated as a messenger, or sometimes a demigod of the local spirits protecting the town.
  • Ability Score Modifier: Tiamani gains +2 to any one stat.
  • Type: Tiamani are humanoid creatures and chooses from a list of subtypes at character creation. In addition, they choose an animal that fits within their subtype. (Aquatic, Animalfolk, Shapechanger)
  • Size: Tiamani can be either Medium or Small Size, decided at character creation.
  • Base Speed: 30ft; If aquatic, 30ft swim speed.
  • Low Light Vision: All Tiamani have low Light vision, seeing twice as far as humans in dim light.
  • Tiamani Chosen Traits: Pick 3 of the following traits. No trait may be selected more than once.
    • Change Shape (Su): 1/hour a Tiamani with this trait can transform between their humanoid form, and the form of the base animal chosen for the character. The form chosen must be one that is of small size, and is on the list of available familiars. The Tiamani gains the Shapechanger subtype in addition to all other types. Unlike other change shape abilities, a Tiamani can only change between their animal form and a humanoid form. The Tiamani keeps all of the base physical stats of the creature, but uses their own mental statistics instead (Wis, Int, Cha). It takes a standard action to change shape.
    • Darkvision: If the base creature type has dark vision, gain that creatures darkvision, or darkvision 60ft. Whichever is higher. This is in addition to the races low light vision.
    • Innate Magic (Sp): Choose a 1st level spell. You may cast this spell once per day. The DC for any spell chosen is 11, but may be improved as if they were a spellcaster of the chosen spells class. If multiple classes can cast the spell, whichever class the tiamani has levels in is the deciding factor. If the class would instead cast the spell at a level higher than 1st, then the spell is cast from a different classes spell list.
    • Natural Attack: If the base creature has a natural bite or claw, the tiamani who chooses this ability gains the appropriate number of bites and claw attacks as the base creature. Each attack deals 1d4 damage. This does not grant the Tiamani additional feats, but may allow a Tiamani to qualify for feats.[/tooltip]
    • Speedy: The Tiamani gains +10ft movement speed. If the base creature for the Tiamani has other types of movement speeds, such as swim or climb, they also gain that type of movement speed. At 4th level, if the base creature has a fly speed, the tiamani gains 1/2 of their base movement as a fly speed. This improves to match their movement speed at 10th level.
    • Thick Hide: If a Tiamani's base creature has a natural armor bonus of at least +1, the Tiamani gains a +1 to Nat AC.


Author's Notes

More tiamani abilities can be added for the tiamani choice on request.

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