Shiori Villiage

A small town, nestled in the hillsides overlooking a bay of water. A groups of houses and small shops made of dark timber inset by off-white walls line along and away from the shoreline. A dock lines along the shoreline towards the east, curving slightly towards the north with a handful of fishing boats coming and going, along with numerous fisherman loading and unloading cargo on the docks. A packed dirt road leads down the center of the town, with smaller paths going off to the sides to various houses and smaller streets. At the end of the main road is a small path that seems to wind its way farther into the hillsides next to the forest, leading towards the Shiori Shrine.


Human: 60% Elf: 40% (9% high, 30% wood, 1% Half)


  Since its inception, Shiori Villiage has been a theocratic based government. The ruler of which has always been the High Priestess of Shiori. They determine laws to be upheld, traditions to be followed, times of prayer, and work, and is the sole responsibility for ensuring the customs of the town are kept up.
Monetary decisions are not the basis for shiori villiage however, and the fishermans union makes those decisions, as well as works collectivly with the high priestess in order to determine what buildings and infastructure to set up throughout the town. Anything on the water is purely decided by the fishermans union.
In more recent years, the high priestess has become too young and inexperienced to take power, so a temporary role of Divine Regent, until Ayame Shiori is capable of proving they can lead. Akari Tanaka Is currently the Divine Regent as of the year 625.


The town is built partly into a steep hillside, making a rear attack highly improbably by anything less than those who can walk on cliffs.
There is a small town militia of 50-80 people, including about 5 spellcasters from the shrine. Of those five, three are Clerics and two are Wizards.
There is no official wall to the town, but over the years a natural barrier has been grown in the shape of trees not far outside of the town, as well as the rice paddies that help to slow down any enemy attack.

Industry & Trade

Primarily, Shiori is a fishing and hunting villiage, keeping a majority of the food they catch for themselves, but they are known to dry the fish and sell it off further inland.


Tavern, small port fit for 2 fishing schooners, dirt roadways, a general store.

Guilds and Factions

Primarily is the shrine of Shiroi itself, that provides the center of worship, and theology in the town.
Fishermans union take care of the monitary needs of the city.


Though the old records have been lost for exact specifities, there was a small tribe of humans and elves living in Fogurogu under Gabo while they were in conflict with Wanhua. A raid sent the tribe fleeing to the north east, away from the war, and into the dangers of the woods itself.
Three days into their journey, with no food, and low water, they were approached by a fox, and the villagers tried to eat it for food. This fox escaped, and over and over again for two days the fox lead the villagers north bound. On the second day, the villagers were nearly dying of starvation when the fox approached again, giving a berry to each of the 25 villagers. The villagers took the berries, and were well nourished. They decided to follow the fox, and so were led to a grand bay with fish so plentiful that they practically jumped into the awaiting arms of the villagers.
The fox approached the villagers a final time, to which the villagers set out their belongings and let the fox pick out anything it so desired. The fox, quickly snatched up a single copper coin, fleeing into the nearby hillside, never to be seen again.
The villagers, greatly thankful for the fox, decided to build a town right there on the shore, and build a shrine on the exact spot the fox was last seen. They gave the fox a name, Shiori, and swore they would uphold his memory, and give thanks to his aid.
It was three years later, and Gabo had decided to make an attack on new Kyokai territory for supplies. The village was attacked, and while the men of the village fought, the women and children hid at the shrine. It was there, the mercilous Yoku, a warrior known to have the strength of seven men, and honor of none, assaulted the shrine with five men. Yoku lifted his blade, ready to strike down a woman with child when, on a clear day, his blade was struck by lightning, and he was slain. His men fled, and told the others that their leader had been slain. Those too, also fled, back down to Gabo, and the legend of Shiori was formed.
Founding Date
Vamendour 4, 305
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