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Eleanor Primrose

Dragonslayer Eleanor Primrose

A wanderer since as far back as she can remember, Eleanor doesn't otherwise speak much of her past. A pale complexion mixed with her thick skin and talent her talent for battle have lead her between jobs, her shrouded past no doubt just as all over as she is.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Eleanor is a humanoid, just shy of 6ft tall, dressed in slightly ragged armor. The first most distinguishing feature one might notice is her pale white skin and hair, her eyes a sort of magenta-pink, but otherwise normal for a human.

Body Features

Scars can be found across her body all over, some distinguishably from battle, some not.

Facial Features

A couple of scars, one on her brow.

Identifying Characteristics

You can likely spot Eleanor from a distance at any point due to her near white complexion.

Apparel & Accessories

Cassandra: A greataxe, and Eleanors most common weapon.
Gladiolus: A Glaive.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The first thing Elenore remembers with any certain clarity was surviving in Grott, eating whatever she could get her hands on. She crawled for days in the darkness, fleeing an unknown terror before she finally made her way out of the darkness, and into the moonlit landscape. She collapsed on a dirt path, finally able to be at peace for just a few hours as she rested. Elenore was stirred awake by two opposing forces to ears and eyes. To her eyes was the burning brightness of the sun, and to her ears, the marching of soldiers not far from her. These were soldiers of The Kingdom of Cinerosa, who saw her in their path with her tattered warped clothing, gave her reprieve from the sun, and sent her back to the camp to recive treatment for the numerous infected wounds on her skin.
After some time she ended up working as a bruiser for the theives guild out of Scalare, but after an incident where she caught a guild mate doing "Unspeakable things." She murdered him, and fled the city, where she ended up on a ship, crashing, and ended up in The Wrecked.

Gender Identity

Genderfluid, Femme


Pansexual, Demiromantic


After x, Eleanor managed to find odd jobs of work throughout Pondera. Mostly in the forms of bounty hunting, or random tasks requiring strong labor.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Feels a sense of survivors guilt. Eleanor knows that they lost countless comrades and friends before she escaped The Farlands but their names and faces are hard to remember.

Mental Trauma

During her time in The Farlands Eleanor was subject to absolute terrors, tortures and the apocalyptic destruction of her friends, loved ones, and family. Eleanor does not enjoy talking about the friends she had to put down due to unknowable circumstances, but she is fully aware of the countless galons of blood and ichor on her hands.

Morality & Philosophy

"Hey grease up one of those goblins for me! I'm jumpin in!"

Personality Characteristics


One of the few tidbits of information that Eleanor remembers from her past is a symbol of an eye, within an eye, surrounded by tendrils of unearthly origin. Eleanor vividly remembers this symbol, and has been able to determine that it belongs to a cult. She wishes to find this cult, figure out what happened to her, and destroy them.
The adventuring life is usually a lonely one. Eleanor has yearned for a simpler life, and would be willing to settle down should her talents be needed. She would only be willing to do so if the right people, and the right opportunity for growth and helping others presents itself.
Beyond these goals, she simply wishes to survive, and treat others with the kindness she herself longs for.


Eleanor's minimalist. She sometimes waits a bit too long to consider washing up, and she doesn't bother with any social conventions of shaving her body.



Eleanor's accent is a bit of a diluted Romanian that somehow got mixed in with hick.



Ex Lover

Towards Eleanor Primrose


Eleanor Primrose

Ex Lover

Towards Lorelei


Kind, energetic, confused and with a head that's not quite on straight, Eleanor, or "Ella" as she often goes by is a bit of a wandering soul. Her past shrouded to all including herself, she keeps her focus on what's ahead with the goal of simply living.

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Date of Birth
Brolugo 15th, 596
Circumstances of Birth
Rebirth from The Farlands .
Medium length white hair, ends short of the neck.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Extremely fair
Known Languages
Common, Undercommon


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