The Farlands

Picture it this way. Look at our current estimates of how large the universe is. Trillions of light years in diameter. Now take that distance, and shrink that into a grain of sand, and throw it in the deepest pits of the world, the most endless of voids upon Pondera. Now from there, take that distance and climb the tallest mountain you can, and you have yourself  The Transitive Realms as far as their scope of distance.

The Farlands, are if you took that distance, and again, shrunk it to a grain of sand, and brought it to the edge of creation itself, and placed another grain of sand at the other end. That second grain of sand is our distance between us and The Farlands in distance. For all practical purposes, impossible to get too normally. But for Farlanders, it is simply a blink of their eternal eyes.

If one were to look at every plane of reality and where they exist in the cosmos, one would see that each one is infinite, expands infinitely, and has direct rules for its expansion and its place. Even with this potential for infinity, at the edge of all realms, and even past the transitive realms, borders the farlands. The farlands is home to impossible territories of creatures too foreign to the psyche to comprehend at all. In fact, the entire realm is impossible to comprehend. Where most realms are constrained by specific rules as to how they operate, the farlands is by comparison the most chaotic of chaotic places, even more so than the chaos of the infinite abyss.

To fully summarize the farlands is nearly impossible, as is its properties. The most accurate representation of the farlands however, would have to be that everything is impossible, and impossibility is everything. Gods do not tread, nor dare to look into the farlands out of the fear of what they may find. As a result, not even the gods of death dare to travel into the farlands. Anything that happens there, again, is both completely possible, and impossible.

Alternative Name(s)
The Impossible Realm, Aberrations Birth, The Madlands
Dimensional plane


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