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Victoria (Vix) (a.k.a. Nine-Tails)

Vix is the chosen champion of The Fox, given the power of the kitsune. She's officially referred to as Nine-Tails, but this is often shortened to Tails.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Vix is pretty skinny, built for speed and stamina rather than brawn. There is a large patchwork of scars under her collarbone.

Special abilities

Vix can summon the eyes, claws and tails of a kitsune, between one to nine. She can also move her braids independently like they're tails.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vix was part of the third wave of Champions and her cheerful personality and friendliness with everyone served to keep the growing group friendly with each other.   At one point it is revealed that the scar on her was from an attempted murder attempt by a serial killer that returned once the champions were active. Considering his MO, it is implied that she was a sex worker at that time.

Gender Identity

Woman, she/her




Contacts & Relations

Vix, being infamously mischevious, is one of Cain's and also manages to bring out Selina's more playful side even when she's in costume. She frequently patrols with Saffron, Akiko, Bayley, Sean, Catarina and Kye. She also frequently hangs out with the 'children', Kye, Teeny and Andrew.    Her relationship with Commissioner Hall is fraught at the best of times and is not helped by her irreverence to the law and general avoidance of police officers.
Current Residence
Dark brown (orange in uniform)
Long, black, in braids (orange with black tips in uniform)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
Aligned Organization

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