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Wing Enhancements

"The Brugens so-called 'wing enhancements' are an excellent example of using a promise of something they think they want in exchange for something you need. It does not need to be very practical if it looks the part and does at least part of what they asked for. In the Brugen example they asked to be swift, so The Alliance gave them wings."  
— Extract from Your Word Is Not Enough; Building A Sustainable and Useful Treaty
by Peacekeeper M'Plisk


When Unity joined the Peacekeeper Alliance (1949 PT) , part of the treaty for the Brugen was the provision of wings. So, Peacekeeper Efficiency built them these wing enhancements.   The wings were initially designed to look good more than be functional, but the Brugen weren't so easily fooled. so the people in Peacekeeper Efficiency embedded a jetpack into the chassis.  


The Brugen use wing enhancements when travelling short distances. While most of the item is ornamental, they are able to put it on like a jacket and use the muscles in their back where their wings would have been to operate the embedded jetpack. The jetpack is electrically powered and the battery can last for up to 10 standard cycles before needing to be charged.   For a time in the mid-2000s PT, the Brugen elite would use these wings to travel everywhere and they were extremely commonplace. However, when they became more acquainted with the worlds beyond Unity, some began to realise that the jetpack with the battery that needed to be charged was quite an old-fashioned technology.   It is now mostly used as a novelty item or a toy. While it does allow the Brugen using it to travel much faster, few Brugen would value speed over the impression others might have of them using it.

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Culture Brugen, Peacekeeper
Locations Unity, The Aspiration System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
4ft wide x 3ft high


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