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River Conas


The River Conas is one of the longer rivers in Vellikka, stretching, as it does, from the eastern side of the Milam Mountains, curving around the side of the Hedan Basin and winding ever eastwards before joining with the River Rotnem and travelling south to the Laykan Bay.   After it leaves the mountains, the majority of the land it travels through is softly rolling grassland, although there are areas where the river cuts through the land with a drop of upto 10 feet between the ground level and the water.


There are many species of flora and fauna which call this fresh water river and its environs home. And as a result there are numerous settlements on its banks which take advantage of this fact.  
"The wildlife around the Conas thrives like our planet when the Great Spirit first visited. The river is full and so many rely on it that were it to run dry, it is certain the oceans would soon dry up too."
Bukahnah Travelling Vault


There are fifteen small settlements at various points along the river, but most notable of all is the Story Vault Headquarters, the home of the Story Vault and their extensive archive. The Overseer in charge of the Grifters responsible for building the first tower for the Story Vault decided on this location in part because it was possible to use the naturally occuring caves in the rocky ground as a controlled storage space, but mostly, for the proximity to the Conas which winds around the first tower and between the towers of the now expanded headquarters.

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