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Laykan Bay (Lay-can)

"Laykan Bay is a beautiful part of the world. Yes, the people who live here have some interesting ideas and practices, but if I lived somewhere that was so awe-inspiring, perhaps I would too."  
— Extract from letters by Bukahnah Travelling Vault  


Laykan Bay is the largest bay in Vellikka. The bay itself stretches all the way from Kolesta in the north to Yasmar Island in the south.   The salt water bay is tempestuous, and the coastline varies from rocky cliffs and stony beaches to sloping fields stretching down to sand. There are several towns and smaller settlements along the mainland along with a large estuary where the River Conas runs into the ocean.

Localized Phenomena

There are several local phenomena which are specific to this region. Both of them are seen through a bit of a mystical lens by the people who live in the area.  

The Rising Tide

The phenomenon known as The Rising Tide happens every four years, during which the waters of the bay start forming an unusual froth on top of them a day before an enormous wave which flows in a south westerly direction. The froth is a ruddy orange colour, pulled from the churned up sands and rocks on the seabed.

The Sweet Vale Winds

The Sweet Vale Winds occurs once a year, when the East wind blows across the southern coast of Vellikka. The wind catches the blooms of the Sweet Vale plant that latches onto the cliffs and creates an ethereal cloud of pink. The flowers carry with them a distinct sweet scent which fills the air and can be smelled over a mile inland.

Fauna & Flora

There are multiple flora and fauna which are specific to this bay, and can't be found elsewhere in Vellikka. These include the Sweet Vale plants which grow on the cliffs along the south coast of Vellikka.   There's also the Ydnarb and the Enialer which are fundemental elements in the traditional Adnaloy meal. These are not only found in this area, but are more common here than anywhere else in the continent.

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