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Pocket Bed

"What better way to watch the Nights in comfort than with your very own Pocket Bed?"  
— Extract from an informational for Pocket Beds


The Pocket Bed is one of the few technological advances to come from P'Ache Minor. It was developed as a way of allowing Minorans to watch the beauty of Minoran Nights without having to lie on the ground.  

Minoran Nights

The chemicals in the atmosphere around P'Ache Minor, which makes the planet look red from a distance, have an interesting effect on solar light when it passes through. While the effect can only be seen at night, it can light up the dark sky, causing a distorted rainbow of light, which makes the world around seem transformed.
  The development happened long before the Minorans signed a treaty with the Primians (1 One 0 PT), and is something that the Primians quickly latched on to.   Since then, the Primians have adapted the fundamental technology for Pocket Beds to be used for pop-up accommodation and defences as well as other similar collapsable tools.  


The Pocket Bed initially fits into a small pill shape (pictured) only two inches long. When the section in the middle is pressed to the point of breaking, the bed begins to expand out, creating a comfortable inflated mattress which is five feet high, six feet six inches long and six feet wide, with a built-in pillow at the head. A button on the bottom right side of the inflated bed can be pressed to collapse it again. It takes approximately 2 - 3 minutes to inflate and about 5 minutes to collapse back to its pill shape.

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Culture Minoran, Minoran Night Simulator, Pachian, Peacekeeper
Locations P'Ache Minor, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
6 oz
2in collapsed, 6ft 6in x 6ft x 5ft


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