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Minoran Nights Simulator

"I don't go anywhere without it. There is nothing that makes me feel more at home and nothing like knowing I can carry home in my pocket."  
— A Minoran explaining a Minoran Night Simulator to an offworld friend


The Minoran Nights simulator was developed when Minorans left P'Ache Minor for the first time and were unable to sleep without the bright beautiful lights at night, or suffered from severe nausea and homesickness as a withdrawal from the Minoran Nights.   It was developed by a friendly Majoran and has now become a standard piece of equipment for any Minoran travelling offworld.  


The Minoran Nights simulator is a small electronic projector which can be placed anywhere and fill the space around them with lights and colours to replicate the feeling of watching the Minoran Nights. It is powered by Larite and folds up to make it easily portable.  

Minoran Nights

  The chemicals in the atmosphere around P'Ache Minor, which makes the planet look red from a distance, have an interesting effect on solar light when it passes through. While the effect can only be seen at night, it can light up the dark sky, causing a distorted rainbow of light, which makes the world around seem transformed.   It has been suggested that the mystery of these beautiful night skies is part of what gives the Minoran people their pensive and philosophical nature.

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Culture Minoran, Pocket Bed, Pachian, Peacekeeper
Locations P'Ache Minor, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Related ethnicities
6in when collapsed, 10in x 6in when expanded


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