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The Roaming Raven

Rest your bones and sake your thirst with the best damn whiskey in Èirigh! At the Roaming Raven, you'll always be greeted with the warmth, kindness, discreet service, and comfort you need in your home away from home.
— Scal, Making Himself Useful (for once)


The smell of old leather, warn wood, and fresh hops. A stiff drink to warm your blood. The owner welcoming you with a smile and secrets twinkling in their mischievous eyes. Folx from every ring of society gathered around simple wooden tables scattered in an orderly kind of chaos. The ravings of a raven too clever for his own good, his rough and crackly tones mingling with the laughter and melodic voices always filling this space. Perhaps the pervasive air of a fledgling bard finding their voice.

This is what you can expect when you enter the Roaming Raven. A place of secrets. A place of good ale and even better whiskey. A place of warmth drawn from darkness. A place of fellowship. A place for all, with peace maintained by the watchful eye of a barkeep that's seen more than their fair share of life.

"The Keep won't go tellin' anyone, don't you fret. They look tough, and they are, but they're a kind sort of tough. Cagar has far more interesting secrets 'n yours they never shared."
— A Dish Boy to a Drunken, Disquieted Customer

Cagar Dìomhar

As the owner and founder of the Roaming Raven, Cagar walks a fine line between existing as a welcoming, open book of knowledge, and a kind, reliable keeper of the town's darkest secrets spilled over one too many pints. They are difficult to nail down, and while most patrons would call Cagar a dear friend, they would be hard pressed to tell you anything personal about them at all.

For this reason, Cagar could easily be feared by the people of Dubhar -- but their trustworthy nature has turned them into perhaps the most beloved figure in town. Narry a secret has ever broken from Cagar's everlasting grin, and for that, many would say they owe them a life debt.

In truth, Cagar only cares about protecting themself and their little slice of heaven. They refuse to align themself with any political party or side, believing that this allows them to treat every patron with care and maintain the peace they worked so hard to cultivate. Due to Cagar's strange tattoos and the scar above their eye, many have suggested they hold a dark history, full of criminal connections, jail breaks, or even a daring escape from a clandestine monestary, but 'ol Cagar only encourages such wild theories. As far as Cagar is concerned, the more deeply shrouded in mystery and hearsay their past becomes, the better.

A somewhat eccentric human, Cagar built the Roaming Raven as a safe place for anyone that may cross its hearth, where everyone is welcome to be themself. It is one of the few establishments in all of Èirigh where you can find nobility and commoners drinking, feasting, and laughing side by side, their social standings and expectations left at the door. All patrons know that to disturb this tender peace is to risk the fierce, rarely witnessed anger of its cultivator.

In Cagar, the people of Dubhar have a friend they can depend on.

"That blasted loud-beak, on the other hand... Well, let's just say you'd best keep a tight lip around 'im."
— A Dish Boy to a Drunken, Disquieted Customer


As mysterious as the owner may be, their constant companion is an even greater enigma. Scal the Raven could easily be written off as an excellent mimic, but those that have held a conversation with this craggily voiced fiend would beg to differ.

No one really knows where Scal came from -- some say he comes from a long line of companionable ravens bred and raised by Cagar's estranged family, others that he just appeared one day and claimed Cagar as his friend. But whatever his true origin may be, Scal is just as beloved as his master, and makes for a wonderful marketer. He can often be found perched on the well in the middle of town harking customers off the street, or swooping about the tavern announcing that last call is upon us.

But for such a marvelous beast, he has a reputation quite contrary to his master's. Ever the busy body mimic, regular patrons of the Roaming Raven know better than to trust this chatty cathy with their drunken confessions. The only time you'll find Scal caged up in Cagar's private room is when he's overheard a particularly juicy (or dangerous) town secret.

"Don't go pokin' your nose where it don't belong. Cagar trusts them, 'n that's as much as anyone needs to know. I wouldn't let the Keep hear you sniffin' either -- even Scal doesn't dare mimic such accusations here."
— One Barfly to Another

Additional Help

Truly, the Roaming Raven could be easily be run by its owner and one or two cooks alone. But, ever the oddball, Cagar is known to hire on those souls most in need of a fresh start, regardless of their past or reputation. Some say all it takes is answering one question correctly for the generous Barkeep to place their faith in you, but none could tell you what that question is. Some believe this a myth, others that Cagar's hire's are sworn to secrecy on the matter. Whatever the case, these fresh faces rarely stick around for long. Cagar's recommendation is worth more than gold in these parts, and they encourage their employees to grab life by the tail as soon as they can.

"If you ain't drinkin' Cagar's whiskey, why even come? I'd avoid the pasties though -- rumor has it they take out their dark secrets on the dough. Always tasted a bit bitter to me."
— One Customer to Another


Cagar and their crew work hard to maintain an ever-changing menu, based on the latest trends from the Royal City and the freshest produce they can get their hands on. But fear not -- they always have a few fan favorites on hand for customers that prefer routine.

From the Kitchen

Ask about our drink pairings, cocktails, and recomendations!


  • Barley Porridge with Honey & Raisins
  • Pork Belly Pasty
  • Salted Ham Jerky
  • Beef & Veggie Stew


  • Apple Tart
  • Almond Cake
  • Mixed Fruit, Sliced & Served with Mint
  • Cheese & Meat Tray

From the Bar

Make sure you try our house whiskey!

Hoppin' Hefty Pours

  • Light & Breezy Summer Ale
  • Heavy Amber Ale - A dark brew that'll warm yer bones even on the worst winter nights.
  • Bubbly Hard Cider - Perfect for the youngun's!
  • House Brewed Beer
  • Ask About Our Specials!

House Specialties

  • Cagar's Special - A perfectly aged, triple distilled, barrel proof whiskey poured right from the cask.
  • Whiskey Sour
  • Cagar's Cure-All - A strong pour of your choice of alcohol prepared with bitter herbs for all your ills. It might not solve everything that ails ye, but it'll get ye halfway there.


"Ye wouldn't think it, what with the bright atmosphere an' all, but this place has seen its fair share of tragedy and cruelty. Cagar still won't speak a word 'bout the night our beloved Lady was nearly lost to us."
— Excerpt of a Late Night Bard's Tale

Initially built to be a place where people of all types could gather and forget themselves for a bit, the Roaming Raven was one of the first establishments raised in Dubhar after Laird Sadach was elevated to his position as Laird of these lands. While the town's infrastructure was first created under the rule of Laird Máirtín, the new ruler was swift to remove power from those connected to the previous Laird. This left a great deal of real estate available, including the dank old tavern.

As a young person with a questionable past looking to change their luck, Cagar saw their opportunity and seized it like a lifeline. Laird Sadach, still full on his newly wedded bliss, was enchanted by their goals, and granted them tenancy of the old tavern on the condition that Cagar would be solely responsible for the desperately needed repairs and upgrades.

The main room and bar of the tavern was all the original floor plan included, and for the first few years continued to be the full extent of the fledgling Raven. As the tavern grew more popular, Cagar was able to expand, building a kitchen on the backside of the building. Before long, the Roaming Raven became the most popular haunt in town, allowing the tavern to grow still further.

Today, the old kitchen has been transformed into the infamous back rooms, the second floor has been built up to provide rooms for those traveling through, and two additional structures have been built out back: a new kitchen behind the bar, and a small stable out back, complete with a water trough and hitching posts for Cagar's loyal customers. Between the kitchen and the stables rests Cagar's beloved garden, full of fresh herbs used for various dishes and mixed drinks.

"Never seen Cagar as dark and tired as they were the next morn. Locked Scal up in their room for more 'n a fortnight, even. They seem rough, sure, but they're a softy. Don't like it much when trouble comes knockin' for their patrons. Whatever happened, I don't know we'll ever hear just how bad it was. Ye'd have thought the Keep's own kin had died."
— A Regular in Response to the Bard's Tale

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Alternative Names
The Raven; The Pub; The Tavern; Cagar's Place
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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A Peak Inside

The Roaming Raven
A welcoming tavern in the town surrounding Laird Breith Sadach's castle. The perfect place to ease your thirst, rest your weary bones, and take a load off.

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There are many local tales surrounding the Roaming Raven above and beyond those surrounding Cagar and their loyal Raven companion, largely thanks to the barkeep's tight lips. From near-fatal bar brawls broken up by Cagar's shocking skills of persuasion and blade to illicit acts performed in the private back rooms, there are as many myths around the tavern as there are truths. One of the town's favorite legends to indulge on a dark night has to do with the fearsome Lady Sinè Sadach herself.

It began one dark, chilly night with reports of her disappearance from the frantic whispers of servants. Not long after came the sightings -- a small group on horseback barreling away from the Laird's castle like a bat out of hell, green cloaks billowing about them, hoods pulled too low to see their faces. Some say they heard a woman's laughter on the breeze, light as a feather. Others shuddered, remembering screams.

And amidst all that wild whispering, a lone knight in a dark cloak sat at the bar, downing shot after shot of Cagar's fine whiskey like it was water. When the voices finally broke through his drunken haze, he stood, gasped like a fish, shouted something too slurred to parse, and attempted to shove his way out of the bar. Attempted, they say, as he collapsed after just one step, dropping unconscious to the floor.

Just moments later, one of Laird Sadach's Order arrived, in search of Sir Dorchadas. But, finding him in such a state, the knight begged Cagar to hide the man in the dark cloak away in the back room, and keep him there until someone was sent for him.

Many believe this story to be the reason Sir Dorchadas was stripped of his title as Laird Sadach's heir, and the seneschal has grown only more surly and belligerent ever since.

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