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The Cave of Antinost

A school myth about a small cavern named after the being rumored to dwell in it, or perhaps named because of its properties. It is also known as the Cave of No-Returns. Known as a discreet place coveted and feared by young soldiers-to-be seeking fame and the assurance of a good night's sleep until the end of their days.


Within the Fana Forest, stuck between crossed trees is a cave whose entrance is too large to let in anyone who isn't an Imps in. It is said that those brave enough to enter it end up back in their beds with no memory of entering the cave in the first place. It is also said that the cave was made by a Fiend who eat the dreams of children, and that by entering and returning normally you will never have nightmares again. This peculiar story doesn't stop young recruits of Makarith from trying to prove their worth and their courage by claiming they'll make their way through the forest, find the cave, and slaughter the beast within. Some say the ones who succeeded became Demon Lords or great heroes. In modern days nobody has managed to find the cave and conquer it. And if they did find it, they do not remember it.


This myth is quite local, known mostly by Makarithian settlers and especially the impressionable youth training brutally at the Red Citadel's Battle-School.

Variations & Mutation

The rumors surrounding what the cave looks like and how deep within the forest vary wildly. Some claiming they found it but didn't enter it, others that you can find it by looking for a rock or a clearing... There are also variation in who exactly tried to enter the Cave. Perhaps the current Lord-Emperor did, or some star rookie, or maybe one of the teachers?

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