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The main faith and government of The Sundered Isles, Trinitism believes in the gods Balos, Gallaiathas and Zadria. The religion is led by The Sunspeaker, an eternally reincarnated champion of the gods.


At a glance, the organization of the religion is very simple; The gods are on the top with The Sunspeaker directly below them and the rest of the clergy below that. However, anyone looking past the surface will notice there are many more levels and intricacies than that.  

The Clergy

Advisors and Stewards
Reporting directly to the sunspeaker, are the Hallowed Listeners. Their members are always chosen directly by the Speaker, and usually come from the same family lines, generations of loyalty to the soul of The Sunspeaker being rewarded. The Listeners rarely leave the palace, their days are filled with making sure the commandments of the Speaker are followed.  
Below the Listeners, the Holy Scribes are responsible for all communication between the general populace and The Speaker. This communication often comes in written form, either as proclamations to the people, or as statements written down for the ruler. The Scribes' job is to gather all this information and ensure it finds its way to the correct audience.  
Healers and Judges
The Sorak'Kriil follow another divine dictate, namely Balos' tenet of community. In doing so, they dedicate themselves entirely to the service of the believers around them. For this purpose, they study the arts of healing, becoming clerics in the service of Balos. Often, the Kriil are sent to villages all around the Isles, to act as healers and advisors for the inhabitants. Moreover, they often act as judges in smaller disputes around the country, reporting any larger incidents to the Scribes, so that it can later be taken to The Speaker directly.  
Legendary Warriors
It is not uncommon for warriors of the Sorak'heidrin to carry tattoos
The Sundered Isles don't have an official military. However, the main dictate of Zadria is to chose a skill to perfect. Those that choose this skill to be combat, are taken into the ranks of the Sorak'heidrin, the warriors of the suns. These warriors spend their entire lives honing their deadly skills, using them to fight for their gods whenever and wherever The Sunspeaker demands.
  Because of their legendary prowess, it is not uncommon for foreign nations to seek the Heidrin as mercenaries. If the coin is good enough, and the Speaker decides the cause is worthy, such a request is often granted.   Despite often being commanded around by the Sunspeaker themself, the warriors are under the command of the Hallowed Listeners, so that they can be used to bring about the Speaker's vision.  
Rumours are told of another rank, the Sun's Witness, supposedly operating directly beneath The Sunspeaker in order to root out dissidents and keep the ruler informed. It is true that the Sun's Witnesses report directly to The Sunspeaker. Their job is to be the ruler's eyes and ears around the clergy in order to find out whatever is happening. Most people have heard rumours of these witnesses, but their true identities are kept secret. Hidden in the clergy as members of the other ranks, they are privy to conversations that no-one would dare hold before The Sunspeaker, allowing them to discover treachery and true allies.   There are also many other servants in the clergy with less mysticism surrounding them. Among these are clerics with varying ideals, or paladins having sword different oaths to the gods or their tenets. Some members are also directly promoted by the Sunspeaker, as a reward for loyalty or bravery.

Divine Origins

The Trinitans contest the Faith of The One's claim of being Omeria's oldest religion. Both claim that their religions can be traced back to when the one created all life, though Trinitans add to the story by claiming their gods ascended before the battle and were appointed by The One to guide the humans and their descendants. Of course, the religion itself wasn't created until much later, around year 40 of the Tembarican Calendar.

Tenets of Faith

Each of the gods have their own tenets for how the trinitans should worship. Not all believers follow every commandment. Some, like the Sorak'heidrin, only devote themselves fully to one tenet, the others being followed whenever they align.  


The god Balos' tenets are about community and supporting those around you.
  • The needs of the community go before all else
  • Being part of one community does not exclude any other
  • Welcome outsiders into your community


Gallaiathas dictates that freedom is the virtue to follow above all others.
  • Do not give the views of others more importance than your own
  • To ignore a part of yourself is the same as killing it
  • Allow others to follow their views, just as you wish them to allow you to follow yours


Zadria's tenets tell trinitans to perfect their skills and become the strongest version of themselves.
  • Never stop seeking improvement
  • Perfection is a goal, not a state
  • Do not hinder others in their journey to perfection



Welcoming the Sun
Trinitans begin each day with a prayer to whichever sun Omeria is orbiting at the moment. During the prayer, the believer dedicates themselves to the gods, stating the tenets they follow. On particularly important days, it is also normal to burn an offering to the gods in order to pray for extra luck.  
Celebration of the New Sun
Whenever an orbit around a sun is completed, a grand celebration is held to mark the coming of a new sun. all over the isles, cities are decorated with icons of all the gods and sermons are held every day. In the nights, the parties can be heard from a mile outside the cities.  
Funeral traditions traditions are long and complicated in trinitism, many of the specifics depending on the current sun as well as what sun the deceased was born under. However, the larger parts are all the same. The dead are burned so that they may join the gods in The Celebrant Lands. Afterwards, a great feast is held to celebrate the achievements of the deceased. There, any attendee is encouraged to tell stories of the departed's devotion to the gods and their tenets.  


In addition to the rituals, there are more subtle ways the gods are worshipped. For instance, whenever in an argument, trinitans tend to point to the sun as they make their points. Moreover, the gods are mentioned in daily speech as aquaintances. It is common to talk about realizations or decisions as having been discussed directly with the god. However, this does not mean that such a conversation actually took place. In fact, claiming this would be blasphemous, as only The Sunspeaker ever speaks directly with the deities, but this has become a way to refer to how the gods indirectly guide all their followers.


The main bulk of trinitan worship is centered on the Sundered Isles, but other factions exist around the world. In Alaritha, the rulers claim to be the actual Sunspeakers, ruling by divine will. Likewise, many smaller clans around the world are led by beings saying that the gods have chosen them as the one true leader of all people.

Community, Freedom, Skill

An amulet carried by members of the Trinitan clergy.
Leader Title
Permeated Organizations
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