The Sunspeaker


The ruler of The Sundered Isles is said to be an immortal soul. The same person being brought back by the gods to fill a new body and lead the islands in unity.   The Sunspeaker is treated by the common folk as a Deity. While they recognize that their leader is below their gods, they are still so far above the rest that the difference might as well not be there.  

One Soul

  It is said that all sunspeakers share the same memories, being able to recall their past lives in perfect detail. This further supports the claim that they all have the same soul, but many still doubt the legitimacy of this claim. Of course, believers of Trinitism fully believe it to be true, meaning that any statement contradicting this has little effect on their view of their leader. It also has little impact on any foreign views of the leader of The Sundered Isles, as their rule on the continent is undisputed regardless of its basis.  


  The Sunspeaker's word is law on the Isles, as they get their guidance directly from the gods. With this divine command, they rule the continent down to the finest detail. Sometimes, the follow-up of a task is delegated to a member of the clergy, but no decision is made without passing through the sunspeaker first. This deep involvement in every part of the running of the isles, has led to rumours stating that The Sunspeaker doesn't sleep, or that there are multiple people masquerading as the leader. Whatever the case, no day goes by without the Isles being touched by their leader.
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