The Creation of Omeria and Life Itself

In a time before time, before the creation of Omeria and everything else in the universe, it was only The One and its enemies. Back then, The One was the only god, its power unquestioned, for there were none to question it. While it came from outside the universe entirely, its enemies, the Deromund, came from a dark tear within it. Their only purpose to consume all magic in the universe and break out of it to destroy The Celebrant Lands, birthplace of The One.   Through grand clashes of power and strength of will, the horde of Deromund battled The One for the power of the mythical The Vortex Of Magic, the centre of the universe. Though the Deromund vastly outnumbered The One, their power was lesser than that of the god. Because of their frequent battles, the Deromund's numbers were kept low, and they were no threat to the might of The One.   However, after untold ages of battle, The One began to tire of the conflict, instead feeling a need to create. To fuel this, it drew upon the power of The Vortex, using it to shape stars and planets. And for some time, that was enough. Between the clashes with the Deromund, it could rest and look upon the beautiful landscapes it had created. But soon it wished for even more. It started to long for company.   And so, it once again drew upon the wealth of power from The Vortex. This time, it began filling those landscapes with life. At first, it created trees and flowers. Then, it made beasts and insects. In the end, it created humans. For some time, it lived in peace with its creations, walking among them and guiding them through their first steps of life. But it forgot its enemies.   While The One was helping the humans, the Deromund were lying in wait, amassing numbers far beyond anything they had ever had before. And once the time was right, they struck again. In a massive attack, they charget towards the vortex, nearly getting to it before The One noticed. With great effort from the god, they were repelled, but it cost The One much power. It realized its mistake in letting the enemy regroup for so long, and understood that another attack of such magnitude could be too much for a single deity to hold off. It needed help, and decided that the humans would have to aid it in the coming conflict.   But the people of Omeria had only ever known peace. They were not prepared to fight a cosmic battle against the Deromund. To give them something to fight with, The One created the weave of magic, binding the Vortex to Omeria and bringing magic to its inhabitants so that they could fight back their enemies. It then instructed them in the ways of magic, appointing the first clerics and paladins.   Given this new power, they joined in the fight and faced off against the Deromund. In a clash that shook the universe, they stood with their god, and together with The One, they defeated the Deromund for good. Defeating all of the enemy and bringing an era of peace to the universe.


Before the mortal races were created, The One was at a constant war with The Deromund. In order to finally defeat its enemies, The One created the world and its creatures. It then bound magic to it so that their creations would have to power to battle this evil.

Historical Basis

The myth has been passed down for centuries among the followers of the Faith of The One. Some of the clerics claim that they have communed with their god themselves and had it confirmed. Regardless of whether that is true or not, the legend has existed for so long that it is a commonly accepted story for the creation of Omeria, though only the truest worshippers of The One believe it completely.

Variations & Mutation


While a similar story is told in the scriptures of Trinitism, another part is added to it. They claim that their gods, Balos, Gallaiathas, and Zadria were granted special powers from The One, and ascended to godhood. They also claim that after being instrumental in defeating the Deromund, the Trinitan pantheon were appointed to take over guiding the humans and their descendants as their gods.  

The Soulbound

Also within the religion of The Soulbound, the tale is more or less similar. However, here too, there is a significant difference. They believe that in order to create the new souls for all the creatures, The One sacrificed itself, splintering its soul into millions of smaller shards to give life.
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