The Tembarican Empire was the first proper civilization to ever rise on Omeria. Its creation marked the end of the ancient era with the introduction of the first calendar.   While it was still around, the empire far eclipsed any other country or organization in technological and magical prowess. Their artifice could be found many places around the world, bought at a steep price to make cities more accessible, or mines more efficient. The money for paid for this made Tembaricar into the most prosperous place on the planet, though they had little love for outsiders.   The continent kept this status throughout its time, until the year 1249 when it mysteriously and suddenly disappeared.  


The Tembarican empire brought along the first officially recognized currency. It replaced the traditional bartering system with properly minted coins of copper, silver, gold and platinum. Because of its power as a provider of magical services, the empire managed to spread the same coinage to the entire world.


The country of Tembaricar was assumed to have fallen apart at the same time as the continent disappeared from Omeria. Since its return, nothing has given any reason to believe that wasn't the case.

0 AT - Balos Clockwise Far Moon 15th,1249 AT

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