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The legendary warriors of The Sundered Isles, the spend their entire lives in dedication to perfecting the art of combat.   The Sundered Isles don't have an official military. However, the main dictate of Zadria is to chose a skill to perfect. Those that choose this skill to be combat, are taken into the ranks of the , the warriors of the suns. These warriors spend their entire lives honing their deadly skills, using them to fight for their gods whenever and wherever The Sunspeaker demands. Because of their legendary prowess, it is not uncommon for foreign nations to seek the Heidrin as mercenaries. If the coin is good enough, and the Speaker decides the cause is worthy, such a request is often granted.   Despite often being commanded around by the Sunspeaker themself, the warriors are under the command of the Hallowed Listeners, so that they can be used to bring about the Speaker's vision.


Anyone can enter the ranks of the Heidrin, but at the first sign of weakness or lack of dedication to Zadria, they are removed from their service. The manner of their dismissal varies based on the circumstances. It is allowed for a warrior who loses their spark to retire willingly, settling down for a quiet life where they can follow the other tenets of the gods. However, if they falter in battle or endanger their comrades, execution or mutilation might be the punishment for not realizing their own weakness.


The Heidrin serve The Sunspeaker and follow their direct commands, or the commands of the Hallowed Listeners. This can range from escorting a valuable shipment on the islands to travelling overseas in order to fight as mercenaries in a foreign country. Regardless of the mission, they are fully devoted to it, risking their life if necessary. Moreover, they have a duty to keep practicing, both a duty to their ruler, and a duty to their gods.

Cultural Significance

The Sorak'heidrin are the most famous members of the Trinitan church both within and outside The Sundered Isles. Within the islands, they have become a symbol of safety, a member of their ranks meaning that the area is safe from any attackers. No bandits would dare attack a member of the heidrin, and no monster on the isles would be a match for one. Outside of the islands, they are a less welcome sight, as no-one wants their opponents to have been able to hire one or more.

Notable Holders

The best known member of the Sorak'heidrin is Morag Drakeshadow. Back before she ascended and became a deity. Because she effectively betrayed Trinitism, her tale is not often told on the isles, and her name is shunned by the heidrin.
Alternative Naming
Warrior of the suns, sun-killer
Reports directly to
Related Organizations
It is not uncommon for warriors of the Sorak'heidrin to carry tattoos

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