Path of The One

The original faith of Tembaricar, this is a monotheistic religion following The One, a god they believe is the original deity of Omeria. When Tembaricar disappeared long ago, most of the believers disappeared with it, leaving now as one of the smaller religions in the world.

Mythology & Lore

The path is the origin for myths like The Creation of Omeria and Life Itself. It has a vast mythology based on records of communions with The One, through which a lot of rules for the religion have been established.

Divine Origins

Much like Trinitism, The Path of the One can trace their origins back to the supposed beginning of life. According to the faith, all of the first humans were believers of The One, and other religions only appeared because their descendants forgot their story. Naturally, all other faiths contest this claim in some way, but only Trinitism actually claims to have been around back then.   After the disappearance of Tembaricar, most of the priesthood of the Path went with it, incuding the members of the council. This left the entire religion in shambles for quite some time, but eventually they managed to regain their footing after a long debate on how to appoint new councellors without any previous councellors to give their opinions.

Cosmological Views

According the the Pathians, the only true god is The One and all the others are simply allowed to exist because The One wants everyone to realize their truest potential. However, this doesn't mean that people are encouraged to worship the lesser deities. The One deserves all worship, as it actually created everything within the universe.

Tenets of Faith

Throughout the years, many rules have been dictated by The One to its followers. Many of these overlap, but the main ones are:
  • Do no harm to my creation
  • Follow no other god than me
  • Give to me all your devotion
  • Help others on their journey


While not terribly complex, the hierarchy in the religion is strictly followed. Any member of the priesthood has to fully submit to their superiors in order to be accepted. Failure to do so is seen as a betrayal of one's faith, and is "corrected", or punished, harshly.  

The Suns' Council

Not to be confused with The Sunspeaker in Trinitism, the Suns' Council consists of three priests, one for each sun. They have absolute power over anyone within the Path, as long as they don't contradict The One. The members of the council are elected by popular vote within the priesthood and serve for life.  


Chosen from the ranks of the clerics, the templemasters are each given a holy site to govern and take care of. Despite the name, this doesn't have to be a temple. Many look after ritual sites or holy groves. The templemasters are also assigned many clerics to help them in their charge.  


The clerics are the lowest in the organization. While they are often granted magical powers by their deity, they have little political power within the organization. A cleric isn't even allowed to order around a believer of no rank, as only members of the priesthood swear to follow such commandments. However, they still act as advisors to the general public, and are highly respected.
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