Chosen from the ranks of the clerics, the templemasters are each given a holy site to govern and take care of. Despite the name, this doesn't have to be a temple. Many look after ritual sites or holy groves. The templemasters are also assigned many clerics to help them in their charge.


To be eligible to be a Templemaster, one first needs to have an education from a tutor approved by the Path. Alternatively, one can get an education for free from the Path themselves, but by doing so, one vows to serve as a cleric for ten years afterwards. After the education has been completed and approved, a test of faith is held. This test changes with every new group of potential recruits, and is often individually tailored to each potential new cleric.


The Templemasters are directly appointed by the Suns' Council.


A Templemasters have full responsibility of their holy site. This includes looking after any other people working there, and performing any rituals. Moreover, they tend to do all the cleaning and maintenance by hand unless the site is too large for a single person to cover it. In such cases, they might use some of their clerics, but sometimes another templemaster is appointed by the Council to aid.
Form of Address
Templemaster, Master, Holiness
Reports directly to
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