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The largest continent on Omeria, Tembaricar was mysteriously gone from the planet for more than 100 years (The Tembarican Calendar). Its disappearance caused a major earthquake in the area, subsequently flooding large areas of Oracyn, Fywindeir and Caythistari. When it later reappeared, a similar shockwave tore down the rebuild harbour cities of those same lands.


The geography of Tembaricar drastically changed during its time away. Where it once used to have great plains and massive, snow-covered mountains, most of the continent is now covered by a massive jungle. While most of the country is now unexplored and seemingly hostile, the discovered parts of the jungle have revealed ancient settlements overgrown and sunken into the earth.


Without a lot being discovered so far, it appears that the ecosystem has drastically changed while the continent was gone. Where it was once a carefully curated garden for the mages of The Celestine Council, the continent is now overrun by carnivorous plants and dangerous beasts. Some adventuring parties, returning after sustaining heavy losses, have told stories of strange, mutated beasts lurking deep within the jungle.   It also seems that whatever happened to the land while it was gone hasn't settled down yet. Plants are still digging into the ancient ruins, tearing stone apart and changing the landscape from day to day.

Localized Phenomena

Travellers that venture particularly far into the jungle have told of a strange phenomena. According to them, twice a month, the monsters within the jungle retreat entirely. Not many hours after this, all the plants seemingly become posessed. They uproot themselves and begin roiling over the land. The stories tell of elemental spirits bent on the destruction of the world killing anyone in the path of what has been nicknamed "Ripples".   Further out, there are many other, more well-known, effects that hinder travel. Since all Skyships were created in Tembaricar, there are wards in place to stop their unlicensed use above the continent, making them useless for exploring the land. Normal flight magic is also dangerous, as there seems to be many zones that dispel any weaker magical effects when traversed, causing mages to fall out of the sky.

Natural Resources

Before its disappearance, and even moreso during its time away, myths were spun about the riches of Tembaricar. While its most famous value lies within the magical inventions of The Celestine Council, many believe that their early success came from rich deposits of rare minerals and metals.


  • Tembaricar
    Even before it disappeared, few complete maps of Tembaricar existed outside of its borders. Now, those old maps are slowly being filled in with the new information as nations explore it.
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