Suns' Councellor

Not to be confused with The Sunspeaker in Trinitism, the Suns' Council consists of three priests, one for each sun. They have absolute power over anyone within the Path, as long as they don't contradict The One.


In order to be eligible for a seat on the council, one has to be a member of the clergy. To join this, one first needs to have an education from a tutor approved by the Path. Alternatively, one can get an education for free from the Path themselves, but by doing so, one vows to serve as a cleric for ten years afterwards. After the education has been completed and approved, a test of faith is held. This test changes with every new group of potential recruits, and is often individually tailored to each potential new cleric.


The process for selecting a new councellor is a long one. Once the previous councellor dies or withdraws from the position, the remaining two start looking for the best candidates. Over the course of several months, they look through all the members of the clergy, trying to find the one candidate they prefer. Once this person has been found, the election begins. Any member of the faith can try to take the place, the one with the most overall votes winning the seat eventually. It isn't necessary to wait for the remaining councellors' nominee, but out of respect for their position, they are given the chance to have some extra sway in the voting. However, this doesn't mean that their preferred choice always is picked. In fact, the opposite is true. Most of the time, a different member is elected, as many of the faith believe strongly that it is important to have an ever-changing leadership in order to keep them on the right course.   After this whole ordeal, the new member must be approved by The One. This is done in a ceremony where they commune with the god. Any member of the faith who wish are welcome to watch this happen. If nothing happens, or some sign is sent from The One, they are accepted and a grand celebration lasting a week begins. If The One disapproves of this person, they are killed on the spot by the god. While not common, this has happened a couple of times throughout history. If a candidate is rejected, the whole process starts anew, and the name of the rejected canditate is scrubbed from the records of the Path.


The members of the council are expected to be available for any questions the Templemasters have. They also have to make sure the templemasters are doing their jobs, and to appoint new ones as needed. They also often lead important ceremonies around the world, travelling to the largest temples and taking them over for some time.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once the title has been gained, very few things can depose a member of the council. Of course, The One itself has authority to remove a councellor it thinks is doing poorly, but this has never happened. Short of this, the only way a councellor is dismissed is by themselves or by death.


After the disappearance of Tembaricar, most of the priesthood of the Path went with it, incuding the members of the council. This left the entire religion in shambles for quite some time, but eventually they managed to regain their footing after a long debate on how to appoint new councellors without any previous councellors to give their opinions.
Form of Address
Holiness, Councellor
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