Cleric - Path of the One

The clerics are the lowest in the organization. While they are often granted magical powers by their deity, they have little political power within the organization. A cleric isn't even allowed to order around a believer of no rank, as only members of the priesthood swear to follow such commandments. However, they still act as advisors to the general public, and are highly respected.


To join the clergy, one needs to have an education from a tutor approved by the Path. Alternatively, one can get an education for free from the Path themselves, but by doing so, one vows to serve as a cleric for ten years afterwards. After the education has been completed and approved, a test of faith is held. This test changes with every new group of potential recruits, and is often individually tailored to each potential new cleric.


The clerics are there to help their Templemaster in any way they can. This normally involves giving guidance to the public, or going on missions as a healer, but can also include menial tasks like fetching the mail or buying groceries for the rest of the temple.
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