Holy Scribe

The Holy Scribes are responsible for all communication between the general populace and The Speaker. This communication often comes in written form, either as proclamations to the people, or as statements written down for the ruler. The Scribes' job is to gather all this information and ensure it finds its way to the correct audience.


Naturally, a requirement to be a scribe is to be able to write and read, preferably more than one language. Moreover, a potential Scribe is required to have served at least five years as a Sorak'Kriil or Sorak'heidrin in order to prove themselves worthy of the trust given to them in this position.


One doesn't apply to become a Scribe. Instead, the Hallowed Listeners recommend people for the position. These nominees are then evaluated by The Sunspeaker before they are officially accepted into the position. Sometimes, the Sunspeaker also appoints particularly devoted Sorak's directly.
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