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The kingdom of Alaritha is ruled by the two queens Saengchai and Chailai Alaritha. While the country is well developed, it has little contact with other countries because of a poor relationship with the neighbours blocking most trade routes.


Despite hostile relations between the countries, the nations of Caythistari don't want an all out war. Thanks to mandatory military service for all children (unless their family pays a tax), Alaritha's military is large enough to defeat either of their neighbours. The problem lies in the fact that their enemies are on both sides, meaning a confrontation would likely end in massive losses, if not outright defeat. Belliaro and Giatano also realize that if a war was to be fought, at least one of them would go under.   Because of this understanding, the continent is stuck in an eternal stalemate where no party wishes to break the peace and bring about the end of them all. At least not until they are confident that they have a sbustantial advantage.


While the country officially calls itself trinitan, it doesn't recognize The Sunspeaker as an envoy of the gods. Not the one most other trinitans follow, at least. They believe that their regents possess a divine power instead. Whenever a new ruler ascends to the throne, this power passes onto them, granting them magical powers and a direct line of communication with their deities.

Foreign Relations

Despite having a sizeable western coast around the capital, all of Alaritha's trade with other continents is based on the eastern coast. This stems from the 80th century when the magical enhancement ability of the Glimtoor flower was discovered. Because of the massive interest it would get from Tembaricar if it became known to them, Belliaro and Giatano blocked off Alaritha's access to the bay. This forced the Alarithans to take the long sea-route from their eastern coast, causing most of the shipments to be lost. It is speculated that their neighbours also hired pirate ships to stop the shipments of Glimtoor. Soon after, everyone started distrusting Tembaricar because of all the strange monsters they were mutating, and a trade deal was never made. Because of the massive economical loss for Alaritha, the relations between the countries on Caythistari aren't the best.

Agriculture & Industry

Most common workers in Alaritha are farmers along The Kessen Straits, producing food for the nation. Food being the only commodity not under heavy taxation, it is the most profitable for those without the means of running a proper business. However, other valuable plants grow in the country as well. For instance, the Glimtoor plant has the ability to increase a mage's power level for a short while, though it is exceedingly difficult to make the proper potion without disastrous side effects. There are other valuable plants growing around the country as well, making the alchemical industry well developed and partially funded by the royals and military.

Trade & Transport

Because of the blockade to their east, all trade has to pass through The Kessen Straits and the cities of Ranong and Trattri. From there, some trade is conducted with The Sundered Isles, but most of it simply goes within the nations borders, or north to Merenticca. However, any national trade by sea is heavily taxed by the crown, meaning it is only really worth it if one manages to negotiate a deal with the monarchs.
Founding Date
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities
Hallowed Listener
Holy Scribe

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