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Aurhundi is a country in the Tayzem Region and the second-most-populous country in the Urnimrine continent. It is bordered on the south by Naeirouna and on the east by Blivon. The Blip Ocean is to the west while the Kamaloa Ocean is to the north. Its surface area is 11.57 million square kilometers, around 10% of the Urnimrine's total surface area and 6.3% of the Olivarenith's total surface area.


The territory that Aurhundi inhabits was once the countries of Lotao, Pinoth, and Oragona, which were 3 of the 6 tribes (the others being Sellmoor, Nekara, and Zolaus) that united in 22888 AYM to form the kingdom of Blivon. In 17021 AYM the Blivonic king was assassinated and a period of turmoil began, called the Blivonic Civil War. During that time, the Blivonic empire fractured into small pseudo-factions called Virolumians. Despite such a tumultuous era, in the area west of the Arbin Mountains, a province named Blivon-tayzem was able to remain in relative peace throughout the Civil War. This was mainly due to the fact that there were only two main routes into and out of Blivon-tayzem; a land route, called the Entaphicar, between the Kamaloa Ocean and the Arbin Mountain Range, and a sea route through the Peros and Arbin Rivers and into the Erithorn Ocean. Aurhundi, the governor of the province, after receiving news of conflict in the mainland, ordered the two entries blockaded and guarded profusely. In 16840 AYM, the rising general Suinviyom began the 4-year-long Urnimrine Campaign, starting from the Virolumian of Miozular, located in the far east of the empire, and slowly conquering west. In 16838 AYM, Suinviyom’s army had reached the Arbin Mountain Range, but with a depleted, malnourished and injured army the general decided it unwise to venture into Blivon-tayzem. Suinviyom and Aurhundi met at the Entaphicar and signed the Treaty of Entaphicar, formally recognizing Blivon-tayzem as an independent nation. Aurhundi, appraised for his leadership, was swiftly instated as the first leader of the new country, which was renamed in honor of him.
Founding Date
16838 AYM
Geopolitical, Empire
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