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Zrewsit is a large mining town that specializes in glassware and ceramics. It is the second-largest city in the Tayzem Desert and was founded in 24981 AYM by the Kaultedtian subtribe of Mounor. It is one of only seven existing cities in the Tayzem Region that dates back to this time period. It is located in the middle of the Desert, and is, on average, around 353.56 km from the official desert bounds.
Zrewsit is well-known for its innovations in glassware and pottery, and they used this asset to this day as a great source of trade and profit. In particular, they are known for inventing silica glass in 20103 AYM, which was further improved upon in 20070 AYM. Their placement in the middle of a silica desert as well as the secrecy concerning the exact formula has granted Zrewsit an enormous amount of wealth.


Zrewsit was founded by the subtribe of Mounor in 24981 AYM, and was meant to be a source of advice for the newly-formed Council, aka the Heta-Kaultedt. After the Heta-Kaultedt dissolved, the city formed an army and was able to defend themselves. Mounor eventually conquered its way to become Oragona, allowing Zrewsit to prosper with no threat of invasion.
The city's position in the middle of the desert almost inevitably led to experiments regarding the sand around them, and in 20106 AYM silica glass was made for the first time. However, it took 3 years for them to perfect the formula, and another three years to begin creating pottery and glassware out of the material. From then on, however, Zrewsit quickly amassed enormous amounts of wealth via trading, as none other place in the world had developed this technology before.
Even today, although the manufacture of silica glass has spread globally, Zrewsit is still renowned for its history and expertise with the material, and the decorative flairs and methods passed down from generation to generation are among the most sought after in the world.
Founding Date
24981 AYM
Large town
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